What is Simple Life

Simple Living

Who We Are

Simple Life is an owner and operator of cottage communities and tiny house communities in the Southeast U. S. We provide craftsman cottages and cabins in private communities with a focus on sustainability and life experiences.


Simple Life's Philosophy

Simple Life embraces reducing possessions and the burden of keeping up in order to experience real freedom. We encourage residents to step outdoors where they can find genuine belonging through shared experience and regularly connecting with caring, welcoming neighbors and nature. Our homesites include exclusive access to the entire community, its luxury amenities, shared outdoor spaces, and common areas.

Residents at Simple Life buy more than a cottage to call home; they also buy into a neighborhood philosophy that embraces connection, security, and friendship.


Why Simple Life Embraces Tiny Homes

The tiny house movement helped to popularize the benefits of small space living by showcasing tiny towable homes on wheels, usually around 200 square feet. Although most of Simple Life's homes are 400 - 700 square feet, The Meadows is reserved exclusively for these tiny traveling abodes! We appreciate these unique and creative homes that helped shine a spotlight on the benefits of right-sized housing.

Right Sized Housing

No more paying for square footage you don't use! In addition to the reduced costs of building and maintaining a small home, Simple Life homeowners often mention environmental consciousness and more time and freedom to enjoy life as their top reasons for downsizing.

Our 'not so tiny' homes provide all the comforts of modern living in a space-efficient design. Cottages can be customized with everything you need to live a quality lifestyle, going smaller does not mean sacrificing quality or good living.

We invite you to explore our cottages and tiny homes for sale; our team is standing by to welcome you. Experience simple downsized living surrounded by luxury amenities, minutes from services, nightlife, and world-class recreation.


Happy Residents At Our Simple Life Communities

Shirley and Merle Braley

Residents since 2017

"The minute we walked in we knew that this was someplace we wanted to live. Everything we need here is part of the whole package. This makes our lives a lot simpler."

Sherron and Heinz Arenz

Residents since 2016

"This is definitely a great front porch community!"

Miriam and Jaime Costillo

Residents since 2016

"We probably know almost everybody’s name! It’s entertaining and fun to live here as part of the community. We added a clawfoot tub and a little chandelier that’s probably my favorite part of the house."

Anne Sigouin and Gulbin Gottlieb

Residents since 2017

"Everyone knows each other and so you feel really comfortable walking around the community at 10 or 11 at night. It feels so safe and so nice."

April and Ken Peschell

Residents since 2017

"We arrived here thinking that we wouldn’t necessarily be able to do this right away. But when we found out more we realized we could! I don’t know how it could have been any easier."

Tracy Alves

Resident since 2016

"Simple Life has done it up right. They’ve spared no expense! As a resident, you can’t ask for more than that."

Pam McMasters

Resident since 2016

"At this stage of my life I want to have close involvement with friends and neighbors. This was so cozy and charming, I met so many people so quickly."

Visit Us!

Simple Life Sales Preview Center is open 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Saturday.

An appointment is encouraged so we may show you the attention you deserve.