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Yoga Space

Tips for Setting Up At-Home Yoga in a Cottage Home

Yoga is the perfect fitness choice for a cottage home, as it can provide a full body mind, and soul workout in only a few square feet. Additionally, setting up space to practice in your cottage can help you transport the Zen you achieve in your workouts to the rest of your life. Your yoga area can be the perfect daily reminder of your intentions. Just glancing over at your space can help you relax your shoulders, breathe, and meet the next moment with an open mind and an open heart. If you’re interested in creating your own unique area for a healthy yoga practice in a cottage home read on for tips and tricks on how to get started.

1: Find Your Mat

Yoga practitioners of all levels — from novice to expert — rely primarily on one piece of equipment: a mat. Yoga mats can vary slightly in dimension although most are 68 inches long x 24 inches wide with a thickness between 4 to 6 millimeters. When rolled up, nearly every mat requires the same amount of space to store so choose your dimension and thickness based on your preferences. To store the mat simply roll it up and place it in a corner near your space. Leaving the mat rolled up near your yoga area can help you keep up regular practices by offering visual encouragement. It’s easy to slide the mat under a bed or in a closet if you need extra space in your cottage home for guests. Although it’s not critical for the physical part of your practice, choosing the right color for your mat can be important for setting up your practice space. Try to choose a color and design that you enjoy looking at and that invite you to breathe deeply weather rolled up or placed flat on the floor.  

2: Remove Clutter

Once you have dedicated a specific space in your cottage for your yoga practice spend some time removing anything that doesn’t serve a purpose. This doesn’t mean the space needs to be totally void of objects, just that you should carefully consider what items are there. You may want to store a towel or water bottle or have a small display of peaceful objects. You might investigate a wall mount for your mobile device if you are following an online class or experiment with special lighting or speakers for music. Anything that doesn’t serve your practice should be relocated! Once you have achieved the space you want, snap a photo with your phone. Every few weeks return to the photo and compare the way your space looks now to how it looked when you first set it up. This will help keep you from cluttering the space without realizing it.

3: Add Some Straps

In addition to having a good yoga mat, yoga straps can enhance your practice especially if your workout area is small. When properly used straps allow you to achieve a greater range of motion without needing to stretch your body out in space. Straps provide the support your body needs to get into and out of challenging poses, much like a chair or blocks could, but don’t take up the kind of room that a chair or blocks require. Straps can also be stored inside your rolled up yoga mat, so they won’t take up any extra space when not in use.

Following these simple steps can help you set up a yoga space that supports and energizing practice and puts your mind at ease. Remember, if you desire a change of scenery, you can always join a community yoga class in Simple Life’s yoga room where yoga mats, pillows, blocks, and straps are provided and there is ample room to relax, energize, and restore with neighbors.

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