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Tiny Home Living is Taking Baby Boomers by Storm

Simple Life communities are home to young couples, families with children and singles, the vast majority of its residents are baby boomers. A recent study published by AARP showed that nearly half of the market for tiny houses is made up of people older than 50. And that percentage is expected to grow as more boomers enter retirement and explore more affordable lifestyles.

The Village, a Simple Life community in Flat Rock, North Carolina, is one example of a booming tiny home development where retirees are flocking. “We have everything we need here at Simple Life,” shared Shirley Braley, tiny homeowner at The Village, “It was easy for me to downsize and get rid of all the extra stuff I had in my previous home. Now I have only what I need. And, I also live in a community that provides social entertainment surrounded by neighbors who are mostly in the same stage of life.”

What makes tiny home living so appealing to retirees?


Most tiny home residents at Simple Life boast about their less than $50 a month electric bill. Tiny home living at Simple Life communities also includes minimal annual costs to maintain your home. When considering the financial responsibilities on your average-sized home, tiny home living is a much more affordable option.


Mowing the yard, landscaping, weeding and doing housework in the average 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home is exciting for young first time buyers but it can be an arduous chore for many baby boomers. As you sit on your front porch enjoying your morning coffee and your perfectly maintained lot your home sits on, you’ll likely feel a sense of relief. That’s because it’s Simple Life’sresponsibility to maintain your lot as well as the common space throughout the community. And Simple Liferesidents say cleaning their entire tiny hometakes less than half the time it did in their larger homes.


Simple Life communities provide residents with impressive amenities including a clubhouse, pool, yoga room, fitness facility, pavilion, green spaces and dog parks. Simple Life residents never have to look too far to fill up their social calendar. Whether it’s the frequent events and gatherings at the clubhouse or impromptu neighborhood gatherings on a neighbor’s front porch, these tiny home residents quickly feel at right at home.

Most Simple Life residents at The Village are quick to share that above all of the many reasons they find tiny home living more appealing, the sense of community is most important. For more information about life in a tiny home or Simple Life communities contact our sales office at 828-707-0969 or email us at