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The Best House Plants for a Tiny Home Cottage

With spring just around the corner, plants are beginning to bloom outdoors, and the air is getting warmer. It’s the perfect time to bring the outdoors in, cut a few blooms and put them in a vase, bringing color and fresh air indoors. If fresh flowers help create the springy feel you’ve been craving after a long winter, consider livening up your home year-round with a lush, beautiful houseplant…or three! In addition to making your space look fresh, most plants will actually improve the quality of the air in your home. Although there is typically little space to spare in a tiny home, there are still many types of plants to fit your style, the environment, and your green thumb.


Why not grow a plant that is as tasty to eat as it is beautiful to look at? Herbs are the perfect plant for those without a lot of space. They can be grown in small vessels and they produce a great harvest for use in the kitchen. For the best success look for basil, chives, cilantro, dill, mint, and rosemary.

A few important tips for starting your tiny home herb garden: Start with healthy plants, instead of seeds to ensure success. Seeds take a fairly long time to germinate, and established plants will put you ahead between eight months and a year. Once the herb has sprouted place your herb plants next to a sunny window, with a constant temperature of 55-75 degrees. If your herbs outgrow your tiny home, you can always pot your plant in a container six inches or larger with drainage holes and place it outside on your porch.


While these plants are delicate to the touch, they are also quite hardy. In recent years they have become pretty popular as they are perfect for small spaces. Air plants grow and thrive without soil, and instead use their leaves to get all the water and nutrients they need. Native to the Southern United States, Mexico, and Central America, these very cool plants are space savers and conversation starters. Perhaps what is best though is that air plants are warm weather lovers and actually thrive on neglect. They need only a bit of moisture which can easily be provided by a mister or spray bottle.


A staple at most thrift markets and county fairs, this ornately beautiful plant grows straight up so it’s perfect for tight spaces. This lovely house plant requires little care, tolerates low light, is sure to make you smile, feel a bit like Mr. Miyagi, and, if traditions tell correctly, attract good fortune and well-being into your tiny home. Lucky bamboo grows in clean water and moderate temperatures. It’s best to keep the roots wet and change the water every 10 days or so.


The Spider Plants mimics its name, with its long and slender leaves that produce a gradiated green color. With its bright complexion, it’s a little surprising that this plant prefers little light. The spider plant grows best in a pot and can be draped high up in your tiny home adding fresh color without taking up precious living space. Spider plants do not grow well in wet soil, so be sure to plant it in well-drained, rich potting soil.


If you’re tiny home needs a pop of color, consider a plant that flowers! Sometimes called mums or chrysanths, Chrysanthemums produce a colorful flower that is bound to cheer up any spot in your home. Your Chrysanthemum should be placed near a window or in a spot that will get a good amount of sunlight. The plant is easy to care for and only needs to be watered when it feels dry. It’s also great for the air quality and is shown to reduce the amount of indoor air pollutants.

Whatever plant you choose to decorate with it is sure to bring beauty to your tiny home and may even provide air purification too. Welcome the spring in and tune up your green thumb today! If you’d like to see for yourself how the right house plant can fit perfectly into a tiny home, we invite you to check us out in sunny, Central Florida and see our options for right-sized living. If you can’t visit with us this weekend, you can LIKE us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, or follow us on Houzz. If you want to schedule your visit today contact us online or call (704) 312-7466 for North Carolina or (352) 561-8114 for Florida.