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Ten Tips for Making A Small Kitchen Seem Big

You should never begrudge downsizing your kitchen from a gourmet masterpiece to a streamlined galley. In fact, there are more advantages than one may realize. Take for example the kitchens seen in most park model cottages. They are cozier, it doesn’t take longer than a few minutes to find something you need, and there is less floor space to cover just to move from prep-area to the cooking area. Not to mention small kitchens typically have only enough space for essential items which provides the clarity to evaluate what you have, hang on to what you love and ditch what you don’t. Kate Swanson, Founder at Ensembl has a few thoughts on this very topic.

“Essentials are just that for a reason. I don’t think you should forego great pots, pans, or knives simply to add more gadgets – the gadgets won’t be much use if you’re not able to tackle the core components of a dish! At Ensembl we have come up with stacking pots and pans for this very reason.” 

Let’s take a look at 10 quick ideas that can make your small kitchen seem big and achieve small kitchen coolness! 


Changing the color of your kitchen is a low cost, simple update that will immediately make a space feel bigger. White is a color trend right now and is perfect to really open up a space. If your tiny house kitchen doesn’t have any walls closing it off from the rest of the layout, take inventory of your accent colors and even cabinet colors before painting, then go for it!


Imagine a backsplash comprised of mirrors. It would double the idea of the space and probably reflect light brightening up your cooking area. 


Open storage gives an airier and more spacious look to your kitchen. Remove some cabinet doors and take a step back – immediately you will see that there is an illusion of more space. This can’t be done if your cupboards are already bursting at the seams. You’ll need to do a little downsizing first. “I think it’s important to look at the products in your kitchen and think about how you use them, and whether that brings you joy,” says Swanson. If it brings you joy in the kitchen, then devote space on your new open shelves for it, and if it doesn’t, let it go.


Remove cupboard handles and use push/click catches or integrated handles at the side of the cupboard doors to create a much more roomy, sleek small space. 


Double sinks are a traditional standard. One sink for washing and one for rinsing. But considering most houses have dishwashers now there is only a need for one sink. There is no need for a double sink that will dominate the workspace and make the kitchen look smaller. 


Compact dishwashers are ideal for park model cottages, as are slimline fridges. They are big on function but small on space. Even a 2-foot savings makes a huge difference in a small kitchen. 


Lighting is vital for creating a seemingly larger kitchen. The more light, the bigger your space will feel. Natural light is preferable, so if you have the opportunity to put in skylights or glass doors this will make your kitchen instantly feel larger. But if you don’t, consider adding lights underneath your shelving or upper cabinetry. Task lights are also very popular in kitchen design today. 


If the countertop is clean, the kitchen will instantly look larger. Consider creating an appliance storage area in your shed. Storing appliances outside your home allows you to keep larger appliances hidden away. 


Quality is always the way to go. Isn’t that what truly makes a small kitchen appear bigger? Choosing items that are quality and finding ways to display them that are satisfying to the eye and utilitarian in the space. 

Check out Simple Life’s Tiny Kitchen’s Gallery for even more kitchen inspiration! To visit a tiny house cottage and get a sense of what your future kitchen could feel like, call The Village at (828) 707-0969, visit us online, or find us on Facebook and Instagram