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Benefits of Living in an All-Ages (Not 55+) Community

Living among adults over the age of 55, or with neighbors of all-ages is a matter of personal…

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Top 5 Things to Do as a Non-Resident at The Villages in Florida

Life at Lakeshore by Simple Life includes a 3,500 sq. ft. amenity center with a pool, fitness center,…

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How To Design Your Snowbird Lifestyle

Are you considering the snowbird lifestyle? It makes sense! Many adults are desiring more months of mild weather…

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Aging in Place in a Tiny House

When you move into a Simple Life community you are immediately met by welcoming neighbors that are outdoor-oriented,…

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Empty Nesters Making the Big Switch to Tiny Home Living in NC

Life happens in stages. Childhood, school, jobs, marriages, children of our own, and so it goes. During times…

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Tiny Home Living is Taking Baby Boomers by Storm

Simple Life communities are home to young couples, families with children and singles, the vast majority of its residents are baby boomers. A recent study published by AARP showed that nearly half of the market for tiny houses is made up of people older than 50.

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