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5 Tips for Making a Smaller Bedroom Seem Bigger

Whether living in 1,000 square feet or 400 square feet, there is a prevalent need to make the…

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Adding a Front Porch to Your Small Cottage Home

15 years ago country singer Tracy Lawrence wrote a song titled “If the World Had a Front Porch”….

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New Magnolia Cottage Available Now

The tiny house cottage lifestyle is becoming more and more popular all across the United States. And why…

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Ten Tips for Making A Small Kitchen Seem Big

You should never begrudge downsizing your kitchen from a gourmet masterpiece to a streamlined galley. In fact, there…

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Perfect Weather and Perfect Pricing – Enjoy Spring in North Carolina in our Zion Model

Springtime in Simple Life communities in Flat Rock, North Carolina has residents planting flowers, gardening and enjoying the…

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Simple Life Communities Introduces Newest and Boldest Industrial Design-Inspired Tiny Home, The Wedge

Designing a tiny home requires careful consideration of how people live in their space and an equal amount…

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Introducing Our New and Customized Floor Plan at Simple Life

You can ask any tiny homeowner at Simple Life and they will tell you, “Tiny home living does not mean living with limitations.” In fact, many will even say it brings a sense of freedom and creativity.

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