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Simple Life Envoy Groups

Residents at Simple Life have the opportunity to get involved in their community in a meaningful way, by joining one of the envoy groups. Each envoy has a specific purpose, and volunteers can join the initiative and get to know their neighbors while contributing to their community. It’s the perfect opportunity for people to use their skills and interests or develop new ones. Currently, we have a communication envoy, garden envoy, improvement envoy, resale envoy, dog park envoy, social envoy and arc envoy.

Communication Envoy

The communication envoy is responsible for keeping residents in-the-know. They are the keepers of the information, there to help residents understand community guidelines. They also communicate the wants and needs of the community with management, so everyone can stay on the same page.

Garden Envoy

This envoy is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, those who love plants, produce and gardening. The garden envoy maintains the community garden, growing and looking after all kinds of fruits and veggies throughout each season. They are also responsible for the garden distribution to the community each week, providing fresh produce to residents around the neighborhood.

Improvement Envoy

There’s no need for everyone to waste their space holding onto tools for quick fixes. So, Simple Life created the improvement envoy to manage a community tool shed, where residents can share all of the tools they might need. These volunteers help make sure everything goes smoothly lending out the tools and ensure that they all make their way back!

Resale Envoy

The resale envoy facilitates cottage resales in the community. They help residents who are looking to move sell their homes and welcome new residents as they move in.

Dog Park Envoy

Calling all pet parents! This one is pretty self-explanatory. The dog park envoy is responsible for maintaining the dog park. They are the ones who make sure that all of the four-legged friends around the neighborhood have the perfect place to play.

Social Envoy

The social envoy is perfect for the social butterfly. This group is in charge of planning parties, gatherings and events of all kinds! They are the ones who help celebrate the holidays, put on potlucks, plan trivia night or set up live music for the entire community to enjoy. They also help welcome new residents to the community.

ARC Envoy

The ARC envoy, or, architectural review committee, helps decide on guidelines for architecture within the community. They set the standard for what is and is not acceptable in Simple Life communities.

Thinking of becoming a part of a Simple Life community? Envoys are the best way to get to know your neighbors right away. Put your skills to work and volunteer in one of these groups to make a difference in your community. To learn more about Simple Life envoys or for more information on our communities or our homes, give us a call at 352-561-8114 or send us an email at As always, don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and find cottage home inspiration on our Pinterest.