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Resident Spotlight: Steven and Roger

Each one of our residents is an important part of Simple Life. Everyone has their own story and unique path that brought them to our community. Today we are beginning a blog series where we hear from residents themselves. They have the ability to tell us first-hand what they love about their community and why it is home.

Steven and Roger stumbled upon a local advertisement for The Village during their stay in Asheville, NC. Pictured was a model called The Wedge, a unique and modern home that caught their eyes. They decided to go take a look at the community and shortly after, they purchased the very home they had seen in that ad. The two moved to The Village in October 2020. Because they were coming from a 600 square foot condo, downsizing wasn’t too much of a hassle. They explained the process of getting rid of material objects to be very freeing- emphasizing the need to consider what you realistically use and what you don’t need. Once they rid themselves of the burden of things, Steven and Roger were able to immerse themselves into their new life, letting go of the responsibility of maintenance and cleaning and embracing the community they had become a part of.

I asked Steven and Roger what their favorite part of living at The Village is, and they told me how they loved their home, they loved the nature, but most of all, they loved the people. “The community is very inclusive and accepting of all people. We have made more friends here in the last six months than we did in a subdivision for 20 years. And it’s great to live so close to your friends!” One of their favorite things to do is sit on their front porch and enjoy the outdoors. Neighbors wave hello as they walk their dogs or drive by, creating a friendly environment for all of the residents. Often as people pass by, they stop to chat and enjoy afternoon conversation. Steven and Roger had to buy an additional chair for their unexpected company to have a place to sit!

They told me about how much they’ve taken advantage of the outdoor space of their home, adding a cabana where they can host their friends for dinner and drinks. Not only do they entertain at their home, but Steven and Roger gather with their neighbors at numerous spots around the community like the fire pit, bocce court or clubhouse to enjoy time together. If they’re not organizing their own gathering, they are attending one of the events management puts on every month to bring the residents together. There is always something to do at Simple Life.

One of the most treasured parts of living in a Simple Life Community is the support and friendship all around. Steven and Roger said they could not have found a better sense of community than they have at Simple Life.