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The Simple Life model was conceived with one main focus in mind: to deliver affordable cottage and tiny house neighborhoods without sacrificing quality, good living, or the comforts of life.

Simple Life’s tiny house neighborhood building process begins with the selection of a desirable location that is close to dining, services, and outdoor recreation.

We then begin to work with county officials to secure zoning that allows for homesites around 3,000 square feet and homes between 400 – 550 square feet.

Next, we turn to finding reputable facility-based manufacturers that are local or regional to each cottage neighborhood. We have found that modern, factory-built housing provides craftsman quality construction and beautiful finishes while adhering to rigorous national building codes. These homes also avoid costly weather delays and damage, material waste, and contractor fees.

We select preferred builders that stand behind the quality of their tiny homes and the guarantee of their warranties. Because we can work closely with these builders on the process, quality, and delivery we are able to assist residents in getting exactly what they desire.

Perhaps most importantly, these cottages provide the ability to customize personal space. With craftsman quality construction and high-end finishes, these small homes can be personalized for the discerning buyer.

The cottages can be built with modern finishes and stainless-steel appliances, or as a solid log cabin with exposed beams and rustic interiors. Large porches and decks, personalized landscaping, and outdoor seating areas create extra living space and add to the character of each home. The vibrant variety of tiny houses is matched only by the unique personalities and needs of the residents who own them.

Finally, we carefully design a layout for each tiny house neighborhood’s amenities, walking trails, gardens, and green areas to create the perfect balance of private and shared space.

As we put all these pieces together, we maintain our focus: utilizing lower impact and less costly development and passing those savings along to the residents that live in our cottage neighborhoods.

Simple Life cottage communities provide the chance to live simply, spend time in the outdoors, and enjoy the security of a friendly, welcoming neighborhood. If you appreciate low maintenance, smaller footprint living, and the benefits it brings, we invite you to let our sales team show you around one of our tiny house neighborhoods.

Letter From The Founder

Simple Life CEO Mike McCann invites you to take a few minutes to read about our vision and purpose for developing Simple Life.