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Living a Smarter and Simpler Life at Lakeshore

Since we are living in the prime time of technology development, high-speed internet is included in the lifestyle fee at our new Florida community, Lakeshore by Simple Life. High-speed internet equips our residents with the most up-to-date options for ease of living, increased cost savings, and Wi-Fi-enabled appliances.

Smart home devices, which allow the remote monitoring and control of home features through hub systems, are a booming industry with major players and mass adopters. Automation technologies have been around for decades, though. Remember The Clapper? Homeowners can still purchase separate technologies to control thermostats, sprinkler appliances, or door locks. But how much more convenient is a centralized interface that can be accessed on your smartphone or tablet? Simple Life has taken notice and is including high-speed internet (up to 100Mbps) in our monthly lifestyle fee at Lakeshore. Internet this fast can support all the latest smart home technologies.

A monthly lifestyle fee means that you don’t have the responsibility of maintenance yet can still enjoy access to a variety of active lifestyle amenities.

Simple Life maintains and professionally manages active lifestyle amenities for the exclusive use of our residents. Examples of these include: a classic swimming pool with pool deck, pavilion with grill, clubhouse, fitness room, yoga room, bocce ball court, dog park, big screen TV for special events, common green spaces, fishing ponds, community garden, and firepit. But how does a smart home play into life at Simple Life?

Research shows that security and energy management are among the most significant reasons to include smart home technology in your tiny house cottage. Isn’t that what a downsized life is about? Saving money? Feeling secure? Being engaged and connected?

What does smart home technology at Simple Life look like? Here’s an example: You’re headed out to play a round of golf in the central Florida sun and remember that it’s supposed to warm up considerably throughout the morning. You meant to turn the thermostat down so that your cottage would be cooled off when you arrive home. No problem – simply grab your phone at the first tee box, open your app, and turn down the thermostat! Simple, right?

With high-speed internet at Lakeshore, you can enjoy the tremendous benefits of a truly smart home! 

Here are the top 3 advantages of having a “smart home” at Simple Life:

  1. Manage All Devices from One Place. The biggest factor here is convenience. Every control option can be found in an easy-to-use app. Connecting all your home’s technology through one interface simplifies and streamlines device management.
  2. Home Security. From visualization on your front door to motion detection, your home can take a step up in the security department. Instant peace of mind!
  3. Increase Energy Efficiency. Smart home features have been designed to give you greater control over your home and your wallet. Programmable smart thermostats can be scheduled to maintain your desired temperature and “learn” what your temperature preferences are during certain times of the day.

So are you ready to take hold of the future and take hold of your simple life dream? If so, visit us at our new Lakeshore community in Oxford, FL by calling (352) 702-3266, visiting us online, or finding us on Facebook and Instagram.