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Lakeshore Vision – A New Kind of Housing Choice, feat. Mike McCann – CEO, Simple Life

Right-sized living is a conscious choice for a simpler lifestyle that closely fits homeowners’ desires and needs. Buyers of cottage homes often report feeling a sense of freedom; freedom from the pursuit of bigger and better with time to focus on what truly makes them happy. Often they find the smaller home actually provides more space to breathe.

In recent history, the American housing market produced larger and larger houses that became status symbols for conspicuous success. However, when the real estate bubble burst in 2008, many Americans reevaluated their living spaces with fresh eyes. People began to realize that unused residential space could be a financial and mental burden. They began searching for housing options that would provide downsized living at high quality, but the pickings were slim and sometimes nonexistent.

Residential community development company, The Resource Group, recognized this gap in the housing market. In 2015 they began to develop a new kind of housing choice, partly fueled by the tiny home movement and demand for smaller, more efficient living without sacrificing home features and an active lifestyle. With these ingredients and inspiration, Simple Life was born.

Mike, McCann, the Founder and CEO of Simple Life put it this way, “it’s really about affordability without giving up the lifestyle. You literally buy what you need. People don’t need 2,000 square feet as a couple or a single. They need what they need, and we can accomplish that in well-designed 800, 900, 1,000, 1,100 square feet. You add in a ‘she shed’ or a ‘man cave’ and people start to look at it and say ‘Wow. I can really do this.”

The story behind the development of Simple Life’s cottage communities makes it is easy to feel inspired by the right-sized lifestyle.

The Resource Group started by developing 2,500 square foot home sites for cottage homes ranging in size from 399-500 square feet, a truly compact size compared with the average size of an American suburban home. The group partnered with facility-focused home builders of high-quality homes with smaller footprints. To keep prices in check and to stay on a strict development schedule, modern factory-built housing provided craftsman-quality construction and beautiful finishes, adhered to national building codes, and avoided costly weather delays, material waste, and contractor fees.

Perhaps the most attractive part of Simple Life’s cottage community concept is the addition of shared amenities including outdoor swimming pools, fitness spaces and yoga studios, clubhouses, dog parks, community gardens, and more.

McCann continues, “People can walk the amenities. They’re wowed: large pool, lots of seating around the pool. In the pool building is two exercise rooms for classes we host like yoga and Pilates. We have bands and stretching, an elliptical and cardio room, and free weights.” McCann says Simple Life recognizes that amenities encourage people to connect and share life beyond the walls of their own home. The company pays special attention to the “spaces in-between” so community green spaces, gardens, walking trails, and facilities can become like an extension of each resident’s home. Says McCann, “it’s all about lifestyle.”

Simply put, Simple Life combines affordable, manageable housing, with lower impact, less costly, community development, providing a low maintenance, amenity-rich lifestyle at a lower overall cost.

Not surprisingly, the concept has been met with a positive response in the market. Simple Life currently owns and operates one sold-out community in the mountains of Western North Carolina with a second community in presales, in the same area. Lakeshore in Oxford, Florida is Simple Life’s first Florida community, with over 30 homesites spoken for in a community of 222+ homes.

To find out how you can embrace right-sized living we invite you to visit Lakeshore cottage homes and Amenity Center, by scheduling an appointment Monday – Saturday. Calling 352-561-8114 or chat with us live online at You are also invited to LIKE Simple Life on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, or visit us on Houzz.