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Introducing the Studio Shed by Simple Life


From storage and workspaces to home libraries and art studios, the Studio Shed is the backyard shed, re-imagined for Simple Life communities! Every Studio Shed is built in a facility so you never have to worry about weather issues during the build. The sheds are then transported to your homesite and finished on-site with the highest quality materials. At 10’ x 12’ the Studio Shed is more than just your traditional storage closet. Each one has high-end flooring, heating and AC, pleasant lighting, a minimum of 3 windows, and well-placed electrical outlets. Available to residents at both The Village in Flat Rock, NC and Lakeshore in Oxford, FL, the Studio Shed is a luxury you won’t want to skip. 

How else can this 120 sq. ft. space be used, though? Consider these 5 gems as inspiration for your detached room and let us help you get creative with your Studio Shed:


Experience the benefits of a home office just steps from your back door. Rather than repurposing a dining table or living room, a separate office provides a detached space away from distractions where you can accomplish focused work while maintaining the convenience of working from home. Your new “commute” … (can you really call it a commute?) will be 20 steps compared to 20 plus minutes. Entertain client meetings, have a quiet space for Zoom conferences, or just focus on eliminating your email inbox. Whatever you choose to do in your home office, you’ll always be just steps away from your comfortable home.


Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of writing the great American novel or you just want to assemble a collection of your poetry. Either pursuit is possible in a Studio Shed turned literary haven. The Studio Shed is small enough to fit easily in your yard but large enough for a handsome desk, storage cabinet for your research, and a Heywood Armchair. 


Have you played the piano for years but just couldn’t figure out how to get your beloved Steinway into your tiny cottage house? The Studio Shed is a perfect music studio where notes are free to dance around you, and sunlight shines on you while you play Mozart’s Sonata No. 11 in A. Since you play an instrument and have a dedicated space, why not give lessons? The Studio Shed is large enough to receive guests and can be a quiet retreat for making music. 


Now could be the time to produce fine porcelain ceramics in your own backyard. Imagine the fulfillment of seeing something you made transform from a lump of clay into a work of art! Between the natural light, the spacious interior, and the freedom to create, the Studio Shed is perfect for your own pottery studio. 


Do you enjoy riding through the Blue Ridge mountains on your Tri Glide Ultra? Do you spend your weekends pedaling the A1A? Maybe you’d enjoy a swift tubing adventure down a mountain river or hauling in “the big one” on your fishing-outfitted kayak. But where do you hang your helmet, your paddle, or net? Where do you store your outdoor toys? Turn your Studio Shed into a personal homage to your favorite outdoor activities. There is no better place to store your gear, your ride, and a mini-fridge to hold your favorite post-activity beverage. 

Whatever you may choose to do in your space, a Studio Shed at Simple Life is the perfect addition to your cottage home. To find out more visit us online at You can also LIKE us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, or follow us on Houzz.