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How To Store Your Adventure Gear In A Tiny Cottage House

Downsizing is never easy, but it can be especially overwhelming when it involves outdoor recreation equipment, a.k.a. big kid toys! In order to arrange your big toys into your new tiny lifestyle, you’ll need to think outside the box and invent new options. Before filling up your loft with snowboards, carabiners, snow skis, or Harley leathers, walk through a few steps to figure out what your needs truly are. Start by focusing on activities you know you love and prioritize around them. While you may give up some gear that is rarely used, you’ll find there’s almost always room in your physical space for the gear that supports your favorite passions. So, where does all the gear go when you live in a small cottage home? The list below ought to be a good start on various ways to store your recreation and hobby items.


Showcasing recreation gear like art or integrating gear into functional design helps make room for bigger items like bikes and snowboards. Considering most of these items have pretty amazing colors and graphics, why not use them as wall art? A number of etsy stores, outdoor shops, and online stores, sell snowboard mounts, bike hangers, and ski shelves that allow a homeowner to create interesting and functional vertical and horizontal options for gear art.


Maybe mountain bike riding and tearing up the trails is something you have come to enjoy. Why leave your bike out in the elements or take up precious living space by bringing it indoors? Why not look for a bike rack hanger system that allows you to easily mount your bike in the air. The pulley hanger can be mounted on a front or back porch, allowing a bike up to 100lb. to be lifted up and out of the way while still remaining 100% accessible.


One of the ideas that has become more popular in the last 5 years is an indoor wall climb, an outdoor wall climb, or even just a few holds on the loft edging. You don’t have to be a hardcore climber to enjoy a little rock climbing. Putting a few holds on the outside of your house turns the exterior wall into a practice arena or a strengthening station. Putting a few holds inside allows you to build up finger strength and arm strength for more intense and natural rock climbing. Lastly, a training board strategically placed on the framing of your cottage loft allows you to train your arms and upper body, as well as your fingers, in lieu of a more traditional pull-up bar.  The pockets on a training board range from deep to shallow and wide to one finger to provide a variety of challenges for the climber.


Available on most homesites is Simple Life communities, a detached shed has ample room to pull in your Tri Glide Ultra Trike with 3.5’ to spare. Once pulled in the trike’s 9’ length gives 3’ feet for storage. That said, the shed offers room for helmets, cruising bags, posters and signs, and even a small workbench! It is a perfect way to maintain your motorcycle passion without leaving your pride ‘n joy outside and exposed.


Stand Up Paddleboarding has grown at a tremendous rate in the United States since 2011. SUPs are perfect for cruising a body of water, doing a little longboard-style surfing, fishing, and even yoga! But at anywhere from 10’ long to 12’ long, SUPs can require quite a bit of storage space. Why not consider an inflatable SUP then? Made of dual-layer military-grade drop stitch material means the board escapes dents or dings but can hold up to 240 lbs. The inflatable SUPs roll up to just 35″ wide and 12″ diameter with a weight of just 20 lbs. An inflatable is a perfect way to still enjoy paddleboarding while maximizing already limited storage space.

Living in a tiny cottage home in a close-knit community doesn’t mean you have to give up your outdoor passions even if your gear seems to take up quite a bit of space. In fact, with new innovations coming to compact lifestyles and adventure gear every day, there is seemingly no limit. Getting clever with storage can take you as far and wide as your imagination allows.

However you choose to pursue your passions and whatever equipment you may need, there are a number of ways to keep your gear and join our dynamic community lifestyle at The Village, The Hamlet, or Lakeshore by Simple Life. To find out more visit us online at You can also LIKE us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, or follow us on Houzz.