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How to Get Ready for Fishing Season in a Tiny House Cottage

A large factor in transitioning to a tiny cottage home lifestyle is the ability to spend less time maintaining your indoor space and more time enjoying the outdoors. With Simple Life communities located in Flat Rock, NC (nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountain Range) and Oxford, FL (just off Lakes Harris, Eustis, and Yale) our residents are able to explore a variety of outdoor activities in both places!

However, as October set in and the outdoor temperature in Florida cools down, no can deny that our cottage home residents living in central Florida are preparing for several months of weather that’s absolutely perfect for outdoor living and playing.  Lakeshore by Simple Life offers access to world-class golf courses, community events, diverse shops and restaurants, and water activities from kayaking to bass fishing. In fact, fishing the Lake Harris Chain can be both incredibly fun and rewarding. Below are some tips for getting geared up to fish around Lakeshore in Central Florida.



Before ever flipping in your line you need to purchase a fishing license. (The good news is, a license is the only piece of equipment takes up zero space in your tiny home cottage!) Whether you choose a freshwater, saltwater or combination license, one must be gotten. It’s much cheaper to pay for a license than to pay a fine from The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission! You can purchase your license at It’s a quick and painless activity that will get you out on the water in no time!


Unless you are already a seasoned professional you will probably need to purchase a rod-and-reel combo. Local fishing guides suggest a 7-foot medium action rod. This allows for trout and redfish fishing as well as bass fishing throughout the area. See our recent post for ideas on how to store your adventure gear in a tiny house.) In terms of reels it is easier to begin with a spinning reel and work yourself up to a baitcaster that sits on top of the rod and requires a little more skill. No matter what reel you purchase you’ll likely want to load it with 10 to 20-pound test line.


It may seem like a no-brainer but for those who are unfamiliar with fishing in central Florida near Lakeshore or in the lagoon-ish areas surrounding the Lake Harris Chain, bugspray is a must for mosquitoes and biting midges (or ‘no-see-ums’). They can be thick in the late summer and can make even a seasoned pro hang up the rod early!

With those essentials in place you are ready to try your hand at a great recreational opportunity that is revered by locals and visitors alike. The Harris Chain of lakes is not far from our Lakeshore cottage community and is extremely fertile with coverage of Kissimmee grass, eelgrass, lily pads, reeds, and bulrushes. These lakes are big-fish lakes with strong healthy bass that can be caught with a little knowledge and a lot of practice. We also have some tips for how to set your tiny house kitchen up so you’ll have plenty of space to cook your catch to perfection.



The area south of Orlando seems to be synonymous with airboating and pretty much everyone has a mental picture of a flat-bottom boat, skimming across the water being propelled by what seems like a jet engine. Quite frankly, that isn’t far from the truth and the lakes surrounding Lakeshore Community allow adventurers the chance to go fast and get up close to exotic birds, turtles and even the Florida alligator!


For those that want to stay active, a kayak provides the perfect opportunity to get some exercise while having fun. With no speed requirement, you can go as fast or as slow as you like, depending on how you want to spend your time on the water.

Outdoor activities provide big fun and they don’t have to take up much space in your home. You can pack up and stow away your hobbies in a number of different spaces right within your tiny cottage house or just outside. And now with the possibility of adding a Studio Shed to your home site in Lakeshore Community, you don’t have to choose just one hobby. You can explore them all and store the gear that goes with them!

However, you choose to pursue your outdoor adventures throughout the lake regions near Lakeshore and whatever equipment you may need to do so – from big bass fishing to kayaking – there are a number of opportunities and locations to try. To find out more visit us online at You can also LIKE us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, or follow us on Houzz.