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How to Create Usable Space in a Cottage Home Hallway

Due to size and configuration, hallways and transition spaces in cottage homes are often neglected, unused areas. However, with a little creativity both can be turned into functional space! As the main thoroughfare in your cottage, it is worth taking the time to give this area some style and a true purpose. Try these simple tips to add functionality, flow, and fun to your cottage home hallway.

1: Keep it Light In some cottage homes like our popular Holly, the hallways are not as large as you may be used to. In fact, they can seem little more than a few steps and a doorway! In a small hallway it is a good idea to stick to a neutral color on the walls and floors to help create a sense openness, light, and space. You can add a pop of color in several different ways (more on this below!) but start with a basic background shade.

2: Watch Your Step

Because the hallway will be heavily used, it is ideal to utilize hardwood or a vinyl plank flooring. Avoid carpet as it will show wear and tear and can take up visual space. Add a long narrow mat or rug for coziness and color!

3: Reflect on It

Adding mirrors to a wall in your hallway will bounce light around making the space feel larger than it is. Get creative by using several small mirrors to create interesting patterns and shapes.

4. Get Earthy

Use your hallway or transition space to bring nature into your cottage home! Experiment with hanging pots that extend a few inches off the wall. Make sure they are above head height so you can freely walk, but low enough that you can still reach the pots to water. If your cottage model has no traditional “hallway,” our 2-bedroom Zion creates transition space by using half walls, high ceilings, and 90-degree corner architecture, try a tall slender plant in a floor pot in the corner. Bamboo is often a favorite for this purpose. Don’t forget to protect the flooring underneath your plant from water spillage.

5. Add Some Shelves

Assess the width and height of your hallway to see if it’s a practical space for hanging shelves. You may be surprised how well this works! Install the shelves over an unused wall, evenly through the hallway, to break up the hallway’s length and add some visual dimension. Use the shelves as storage and for visual appeal by placing photos, plants, books, or art on them.

6. Create a Photo Display

Frame up your friends, family members, and vacation memories, and let an at-home gallery make something magical of your hallway. It’s a wonderful way to add visual interest, cultivate a conversation space, and keep your memories in sight. It’s generally a good idea to use several frames of the same color to add cohesion to the element. Depending on the lighting in the hallway you may want to have an electrician wire for gallery lights or puck lights, or you can self-install a small track light system to spotlight your display.

Small is beautiful! Sometimes it can be a challenge to make it truly practical though. What tips and tricks do you have for making your hallway or transition space visually appealing and usable?

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