History and Vision

Our Story


The partners of The Resource Group have been in land development and home building for over 20 years. In 2015, they realized there was a significant gap in options for affordable homes for the discerning buyer, in communities that met high standards and lifestyle criteria. They went to work to conceptualize and develop a new kind of housing choice called Simple Life.



They started by developing home sites (lots) around 2,500 square feet (typical minimum lot size in traditional neighborhoods) with smaller homes, 399 – 550 square feet.

They sought facility-focused home builders to provide high-quality housing with a smaller footprint. They found that modern factory-built housing provided craftsman quality construction and beautiful finishes, adhered to national building codes, and avoided costly weather delays and damage, material waste, and contractor fees.

They designed and developed luxury shared amenities including classic and rustic swimming pools, mixed-use fitness spaces and yoga rooms, sports courts, walking trails, dog parks, green spaces, and water features to create the perfect balance of private and shared space.

In short, Simple Life found a way to utilize lower impact, less costly development to build, own, operate, and expand cottage communities that provide lifestyle community living at a lower overall cost.


Simple Life embraces the benefits of small space living for permanent residence, second home, or vacation property. They now own and operate several connected cottage communities that provide the freedom to live simply but with all the amenities of a quality lifestyle.

As more and more people discover Simple Life, its purpose grows beyond operating communities. They are providing neighborhoods that bring together like-minded people.

As Simple Life grows and opens and expands cottage communities in Florida and Western North Carolina, they will continue to provide more opportunities to become a part of the Simple Lifestyle.

Our Mission

Simple Life specializes in simple, upscale living at an attainable price. We design, develop and construct best-in-class, lifestyle villages in desirable locations that take advantage of the surrounding outdoor environment.

Our communities are for the active, independent person who wants the freedom of living simply with all the amenities of a quality lifestyle, one who enjoys spending time in the outdoors and seeks the comfort of a friendly, welcoming neighborhood.

Our Talented Simple Life Team

The Simple Life team is made up of a diverse group of passionate professionals who have come together to deliver a more cost-effective and complete offering for primary residences and second homes.


Mike McCann

President & CEO

Wolfe Jackson


Coles Whalen

Marketing Director

Joel Osgood

RLA - Senior Land Planner

Dave Allen

Director of Set Up and Development

Yvonne Suter

Assistant Director of Financial Operations

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Simple Life Sales Preview Center is open 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Saturday.

An appointment is encouraged so we may show you the attention you deserve.