Thank you for your interest in our tiny house communities. Our Sales Associates are always available to answer your questions and we encourage you to call us at (828) 707 – 0969 or email us at info@simple-life.com for specific details about your home or your requirements. We look forward to assisting you on your journey to tiny living!

To preview some of our most frequently asked questions with general answers, please see below.

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Where is your community located?

The Village at Flat Rock, NC is located at 24 Empire Lane Flat Rock, NC 28731

There are several phases of The Village in development including The Grove, The Highlands, and Creekside. All can be accessed on a map using the same address.

Upon purchasing a home, you will have a unique address that uses the name of the street for your homesite.

How do I travel to The Village at Flat Rock, NC?

The Village at Flat Rock is just 1 mile off Route 26 about 15 minutes from the convenient Asheville airport and about 45 minutes from Greenville Spartanburg Airport.

Asheville Regional Airport (AVL)

The Village at Flat Rock, NC is 13 miles SE

Driving directions from AVL

Exit the airport and turn left onto NC-280. Merge onto Interstate 26 East/US-71 East toward Hendersonville. Travel 12.29 miles to exit 53 for Upward Road in Flat Rock. Turn left onto Upward Road. Travel less than a mile and turn left on Orchard Rd. The Village at Flat Rock, NC appears on your left.

Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP)

The Village at Flat Rock, NC is 52.4 miles NW

Driving directions from GSP:

Follow Aviation Parkway to Interstate 85 North. Merge onto Interstate 85 North and travel 12.2 miles. Keep left at the fork to stay on Interstate 85 North. Travel 1.4 miles. Use the right two lanes to take exit 70 and merge onto Interstate 26 West toward Asheville. Travel 36.1 miles to exit 53 for Upward Road in Flat Rock. Turn right onto Upward Road. Travel less than a mile and turn left on Orchard Rd. The Village at Flat Rock, NC appears on your left.

When entering The Village, turn right to the entry gate. (The gate straight ahead is for residents only.) Dial the Sales Office from the keypad for gate access.

How do I set up a visit?

We always welcome visitors to The Village at Flat Rock, NC. Appointments are strongly encouraged so that we may show you the attention you deserve. To confirm your visit please call 828.707.0969 or email info@simple-life.com.

Our sales office is open Monday through Saturday, 10 AM – 5 PM.

What are the Sales Center hours and location?

Our Sales Center is open Monday – Saturday, 10 AM to 5 PM. To find our Sales Center enter The Village at Flat Rock, NC through the main entrance off Orchard Rd., turn right, and dial *9 on the gate keypad. Follow the signs for the Sales Center. You will see the building, with guest parking, straight ahead.

How much does a tiny home cost?

Our homes range in price from $99,500 to the mid $160s.

What is included in the price of the home?

Our tiny homes come complete with all major appliances*, heat and AC, electric, plumbing, and sewer. Also included in the cost of the home is a developed land site for your new residence with a two-car driveway, landscaping, stairs and landing, and painted cement board skirting.

*Some homes do not include a dishwasher, residents instead opt for extra storage in the kitchen.

I noticed an increase in the prices of tiny homes. Why?

The cost to purchase a tiny home has increased due to two factors:

  1. Quality of build
  2. Compliance with nationally recognized building codes

Tiny homes are being built to a much higher standard of craftsmanship today than they were 5 or even 2 years ago. That means these small homes are suitable for year-round living, easier to finance and insure, and will hold their value over the years.

Additionally, all of the tiny homes in Simple Life’s communities adhere to nationally recognized building codes which provide standards for safety, livability, and legal occupancy.

Both of these developments are fairly new to tiny home manufacturing. They do cause an increase in the cost of purchase, but they provide incredible benefits. They will help create a more sustainable future for the tiny house movement as a whole by making tiny home living safer and more viable for current and new residents.

Why do you only allow homes built by certain manufacturers?

Simple Life has performed extensive research on cottage manufacturers in the areas surrounding our communities. We have selected preferred builders that stand behind the quality of their homes and the guarantee of their warranties. Because we can work closely with these builders on the process, quality, and delivery we are able to build our development and set up fees into the cost of homes built by these approved manufacturers.

If you strongly prefer another manufacturer over our preferred partners, please call one of our Sales Associates to confirm a meeting so we can discuss possibilities by calling (828) 707 – 0969 or emailing info@simple-life.com.

What is a land lease?

Simple Life helps to simplify our resident’s lives by combining most monthly expenses into one lump sum. Real estate taxes, municipal water and sewer, basic cable, lawn service, tree care, and road maintenance are all covered by a homesite land lease. The land lease also includes upkeep of community amenities including pool, yoga room, fitness room, clubhouse, bocce ball court, dog parks, fishing ponds, outdoor pavilion and grill, walking trails, and green spaces. Simple Life land leases start at $550 per month and there are no additional HOA fees.

How much is a land lease?

Simple Life land leases start at $550 per month based on signing a one-year lease. Simple Life offers leases between 1 and 10 years.

What are some other benefits of land lease?

We understand that some tiny home dwellers purchase private land for their homes and therefore do not pay a land lease. However, tiny home dwellers that want to live in a community will find real value in what Simple Life provides in return for your land lease.

Your tiny home experience will be completely turnkey. Your new residence will be located within a private community with a gated entrance, paved roads, and covered mailboxes. Your personal homesite will have a two-car driveway and landscaping. Your home itself will include painted cement board skirting, stairs, and landing and will be connected to tested and working municipal sewer, running water, electricity, basic cable, heating, and air conditioning.

Once moved in, the community covers the costs of real estate taxes, water and sewer, basic cable, road maintenance, snow removal, common area maintenance, tree care, and trash and recycling removal.

We also maintain active lifestyle amenities that are free to use by all our residents. These include a classic swimming pool with pool deck, pavilion with grill, newly remodeled clubhouse, fitness room, yoga room, bocce ball court, dog park, big screen TV for special events, common green spaces, fishing ponds, and so much more.

Leasing also allows for some great resident benefits that are more subtle!

• Use of one-lane, one-way roads
o Slower traffic!

• Community water, sewer, and basic cable
o No more surprise bills. Enjoy peace of mind with one monthly bill for almost all utilities.

• Community managed maintenance and infrastructure
o Upgrades and upkeep are handled internally, fixes happen quickly

• Walking trails and private gravel driveways
o Promotes interaction with neighbors and nature and maintains quaint cottage community feel

• Downlighting
o Allows views of the beautiful night sky and firefly shows, and saves on energy

• No resident tax bills
o The community pays real estate taxes, you do not

We hope this helps shed some light on our land lease and what is provided in exchange.

Can I bring my dog(s) or cat(s)?

Absolutely! Simple Life is a pet-friendly community! We welcome your furry friends. Our dog park is always open for your convenience. In addition, all our streets are one way making it easy to enjoy a walk on the way to the park with little automobile traffic.

Residents are responsible for disposing of pet waste, we have several pet waste stations around the community and in the dog park.

In most cases, you may also fence a portion of your yard for your dog to enjoy. Keep in mind, if you do fence your yard, the fencing must be approved by Simple Life’s architectural review board before implementation. It is also important to note that residents who fence their yards will not receive mowing or weed eating services.

Can I landscape my tiny homesite?

Yes! Each Simple Life homesite comes with Simple Life’s base landscape included in the price. We also offer a few options for upgraded landscaping including gas fire pits, second bedrooms, large decks, fencing, spas, pergolas and storage sheds.

Beyond that, we welcome you to landscape your homesite as you’d like. We do provide a list of invasive species that we ask you to avoid when planting. Please note that any major additions to homes or grounds must be approved by Simple Life’s architectural review board before implementation. This includes deck additions, carports, dog fences, and the planting of bushes and trees. We invite you to contact our Sales Office for more information on specific landscaping desires at (828) 707 – 0969.

Are your tiny houses accessible by wheelchair?

Yes, Simple Life tiny homes can be customized to include access for wheelchairs including a motorized lift providing transport from the ground to the deck. We invite you to contact our Sales Office at (828) 707 – 0969 to discuss your specific needs.

Can I stay in my tiny house during the winter?

Yes, all Simple Life tiny houses are built with increased insulation for comfortable living during the winter and summer months. If you are a seasonal resident, Simple Life can recommend a reputable local service provider to winterize your home for safe keeping while you are away.

Do you offer financing?

Yes! Simple Life can help secure financing for our tiny homes through third-party lenders. Buyers will meet with our finance manager to assess which lender is best for specific needs.

Buyers may also seek their own financing.

Do you offer insurance?

Yes! Simple Life can help secure insurance for your tiny home through a third-party insurer.

Thank you for reading our FAQ page. We are passionate about understanding the desires of our current and future residents so that we may help them live the lifestyle they’ve imagined.

We continually adapt our policies, procedures, and products to accommodate the unfolding progression of this new housing alternative.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Please give us a call at (828) 707 – 0969 or email us at info@simple-life.com and someone will get back to you as quickly as possible.