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Two Tiny Homes

Downsizing From One House to Two

Seems luxurious, doesn’t it? Two homes of your own. Maybe one in the mountains and one on the coast? One carries a traditional, cedar shake, cottage feel while the other looks like the cover of Coastal Living magazine? Truth is, it may make more sense to downsize from one large home into two tiny homes. 

In a recent USA Today article Dana Anspach, founder, and CEO of Sensible Money suggested “One of the first things freshly minted empty nesters should do is “revisit their housing situation.” Sounds easy enough. She goes on to add, “Do the calculus: Do we still need a house this size?” Anspach says. “Is this the area where we want to spend retirement? Do we want to move to a retirement community? Do we want to downsize and use the extra cash to fund retirement?” All valid points. These thoughts combined with Zillow’s most recent home prices and values which, estimates “the median home value in the United States is $226,800,” and Simple Life’s tiny home prices starting at $99,500, make it easier to see that selling one home to buy two is not so crazy after all.  Selling a large house for two smaller homes in two different locations suddenly becomes not only reasonable but practical and just maybe, really fun!

Imagine this scenario which, we adapted from the real story of two new homeowners in The Village at Flat Rock, NC.

A retired couple in their late 60s owns a spacious Georgian home in a coveted Charlotte, NC, suburb where home values are still rising. They love the walkable community — close to shops, restaurants and, best of all, their grown daughter who lives in a condo in downtown Charlotte. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Perfect, except upkeep on the Georgian has become difficult for the couple, they no longer enjoy the Charlotte area traffic nor the exploding population. So now they are planning to sell their beloved home and downsize to two tiny homes – one in the mountains of western North Carolina (less than two hours from their daughter) and another in the Lakeshore Community in Oxford, Florida (less than an hour from the Gulf shores)! It is the best of both worlds. 

It serves to reason that swapping one large house for two smaller ones is not a solution for everyone. But for those whose real estate has matured or appreciated it can be a feasible and exciting option! Base roots can remain close to family and longtime friends and new friendships can be formed in two different close-knit tiny house communities. All the time and money that used to be spent maintaining one large home can now be spent enjoying two different locales that both support a relaxed, social, and worry-free lifestyle. 

Mike McCann, President and CEO of Simple-Life in Flat Rock, NC, is quick to note, “People are so happy that they can finally pull their equity out of the one large residence and move to wherever they want to live. In today’s market that could mean two smaller homes in different places.”

One thing is for certain, the world is spinning faster each day and retirees and empty nesters want the freedom to enjoy the exciting things in life. There is possibly nothing more freeing or exciting than the adventure of living in two places.

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