Simple Life has several interconnected cottage communities. Scroll down to discover their unique features and benefits.

Before we build a Simple Life tiny home community, our team performs extensive research on the community’s location. We begin by selecting an area that allows our residents to take advantage of the surrounding outdoor environment. Our Cottage Community sites are selected for easy access to available recreation including hiking, biking, and water activities. Each Tiny Home Community also aims to bring in the surrounding environment by utilizing a layout that incorporates existing terrain and landscape.

Our Cottage Communities are not age restricted, however, the average age of our residents is 59. As such, we are careful to build our tiny home communities within easy driving distance to services. Although our communities are quiet and peaceful, they are always surrounded by the comforts of a modern city. Residents need only drive or bike a few minutes to reach fine dining, shopping, and entertainment. Hospitals, major retail stores, and other service providers are a few minutes away as well.

Only a short distance from major highways, our Cottage Communities provide residents with the ability to easily travel or receive visitors. National and regional airports are less than an hour away.

In addition to choosing a great location for each of our tiny home communities, we work hard to determine the best layout and location for each home within the village. Our cottage communities are socially designed with an effort to deliver the perfect balance of shared and private space. Most homesites have room for a 10 x 10 shed, a private yard, and driveway. Our tiny home communities are built with room for walking trails, open green spaces, multiple dog parks, and sports courts.

We hope you enjoy browsing our available tiny home and cottage communities, we look forward to welcoming you home!




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