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Choosing a Cottage Home That’s Right For You

Transitioning into a tiny home cottage can be a freeing and fun process! But it can also require a considerable amount of upfront research. Many families making the move to smaller living spend time learning about emotional and physical downsizing, ideal locations for living small, and of course, the various cottage home models offered. 

With park model cottage living becoming increasingly more popular, the number of cottage home models available continues to rise. The Recreational Park Model Industry Association noted that 2,131 homes were delivered in the first quarter of 2019 alone; and each of these homes has a variety of options for custom or semi-custom features and finishes!

Wende Mau, Regional Sales Executive with Stone Canyon Cabins recognizes the increase in cottage options and finds it exciting. “There has definitely been an uptick in our manufacturing and shipping. People want to live more simply in a more space-conscious house.” 

The Village at Flat Rock recently debuted two new Stone Canyon Cabins models for its Highlands Reserve neighborhood. The two new homes add exciting modern options to The Village’s available home inventory. The Glenwood is a split bedroom, two-bedroom small cottage and the Jackson is an “efficiency cottage” with two bedrooms on the main level plus a sleeping area and a den in the loft.


 “Anytime you can add additional sleeping space and an additional bathroom, it is going to be attractive to the homeowner,” said Mau. The Village agrees and is excited to be able to offer these new two-bedrooms solutions. 

With so many cottage options available, finding the right one for you can seem like a daunting task. A helpful way to get started can be to sketch out the basics of your ideal home and living scenario and then choose a home that fits this outline. Below are some tips from Simple Life on aspects to consider when beginning your search for the perfect cottage home:

BUILD BUDGET: Consider the cost of the home plus any custom upgrades you desire as well as land preparation, utility hookup, and landscaping. The Village at Flat Rock, NC builds its development, utility and initial landscaping set-up fees into the purchase price of the home so there are no surprises.

LOCATION AND LIFESTYLE: Do you want to live near a downtown area or in a remote location? Do you desire access to lifestyle amenities like a swimming pool, or natural amenities like a lake, or both?One of the benefits of living in a small cottage can be a renewed interest in spending time outdoors so make sure you consider what you want to see when you step outside, then find the home model that compliments your area and surroundings. The Village at Flat Rock, NC is in close proximity to the Blueridge Mountains and also provides lifestyle amenities inside the community for the exclusive use of residents. The Village’s cottage homes are designed to bring in the beautiful natural surroundings as as provide easy access to the amenities.  

INTERIOR SPACE PREFERNCES: Most cottages at The Village at Flat Rock feature large kitchens and living areas, which are often desirable features for prospective downsizing home buyers. Other cottages, however, come with lofts, dens, and second bedrooms. Some cottages are designed with less living area space to achieve a larger bedroom, and some are designed with a small bathroom space to achieve a bigger closet, etc. Determining how you’re going to use your space can help you narrow down your home search. 

USE: The Village at Flat Rock is made up primarily of full-time residents, however, about 20% of homeowners use their cottage home to vacation. Both are easy lifestyle choices, and both lend themselves to a unique home configuration. Many fulltime residents desire office space and a larger living are, while vacation residents tend to desire a loft and more than one bedroom. 

We invite you to visit us at The Village at Flat Rock, NC to explore the features of the available small cottage home models with one of our downsizing experts! We guarantee you’ll quickly see the benefits of living large while carrying less! 

Simple Life Sales Preview Centers are open 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Saturday. An appointment is encouraged so we may show you the attention you deserve. Call 828-707-0969. You can also follow us on Facebook or on Instagram for more visual examples of the easy lifestyle that awaits you.