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Downsizing and Decluttering 101

It is inevitable. One way or another, you’re going to downsize. It is part of letting go and moving on. Some even do it more than once! Downsizing is a physical, emotional, and mental act. Sometimes it is even a financial act. Because downsizing effects so many parts of life, it can feel intimidating or…

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Downsizing From One House to Two

Seems luxurious, doesn’t it? Two homes of your own. Maybe one in the mountains and one on the coast? One carries a traditional, cedar shake, cottage feel while the other looks like the cover of Coastal Living magazine? Truth is, it may make more sense to downsize from one large home into two tiny homes. …

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Empty Nesters Making the Big Switch to Tiny Home Living in NC

Life happens in stages. Childhood, school, jobs, marriages, children of our own, and so it goes. During times of transition from one stage to another, life can feel a bit unnerving. Circumstances seem to change on a dime and big adjustments are sometimes required. One of the biggest and most discussed changes in life is…

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