Broker Referral

Please review and check the box above to affirm your understanding and acknowledgment of Simple Life’s Broker Compensation policies.

The broker must accompany the client at the client’s first visit to the community. At such first visit, the broker and client must execute and deliver all SIMPLE LIFE BROKER AND REALTOR COMPENSATION REGISTRATION documents and materials required by the Simple Life community.

Broker compensation shall be paid only for homes in the Simple Life community to which the broker brought the client.

Broker compensation shall be paid only if the client closes on the home. If the home does not close for any reason, including the fault of the seller, no broker compensation shall be paid.

If client is already in communication with Simple Life or one of our authorized agents or representatives we will not be able to accept them as your referral.

This client registration and compensation agreement stays in effect for the term of 3 months.