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Working From a Tiny Home

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People are often drawn to tiny houses by their charming, unique exteriors and undeniably minimalistic form. In under 400 square feet, details like a creative color palette, inviting front porch, and varied roofline capture the eye. However, tiny homes delight with both form and function. The performance of a tiny home interior is often just as intriguing as its exterior. Now, people are actually working from their tiny homes. 

A Tiny Home Office

One of the most recent, prominent trends in tiny house design is space efficient home offices that allow tiny home dwellers to work from home with ease. Designers and builders are getting creative with dual purpose surfaces like breakfast bars with a surplus of outlets to accommodate computers and other digital devices, lofted desks, wall mounted computer monitors, and more. Tiny home owners now have numerous options when it comes to working from home.


Studio Shed Turned Into A Tiny Home Office

Yavonka Hodges, a tiny home resident at The Village at Flat Rock, a Simple Life community in Western North Carolina has created plenty of work space in her small set up. Hodges built an indoor office nook by removing the bunk beds from the main floor of her tiny home and installing a desk in the remaining space. She also hired The Village maintenance team to install a shed next to her home that Hodges utilizes for tasks and calls that require more privacy or quiet.

“Everything is at your fingertips when you work in a small space,” says Hodges. “I’ve got plenty of room and I’m more productive and distraction-free.”


Working From Any Tiny Home

Hodges also mentioned the ability to work remotely anywhere in the world as a highly desirable benefit to owning and working in a tiny home. When her employer agreed to let her try working from home she jumped at the chance. Instead of setting up shop in her house in Charlotte, she and her partner escaped the hustle of the city and retreated to a tiny home in The Village at Flat Rock, NC in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Hodges doesn’t miss the frustration of traffic and time wasted on her previous daily commute. She also celebrates the efficiency of her tiny home office nook and private “she shed” that both require little cleaning and daily upkeep. Although Hodges lives and works in the picturesque Village at Flat Rock, she is by no means disconnected from the outside world. High speed internet is readily available and enables professional productivity in a serene natural setting.


“Getting my time back was the greatest gift” says Hodges. “Working tiny means more walks with my partner and our dogs and less driving and cleaning. I’ll take it all day.” In addition to time spent outdoors Hodges mentioned engaging in hobbies like crafting and pursuing professional growth through study as benefits to having less office square footage to maintain.


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