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Outdoor Living Space Ideas: Here Is How Upgrade Your Yard

A stone garden fountain with water flowing from the top tier into a basin surrounded by lush green plants.

The possibilities for creating the perfect outdoor space are endless – but we’ve pinned down several outdoor living space ideas to help you better design your porch and patio. Firstly, it’s important to consider how you want to utilize the space. Do you regularly host guests at home? Or do you want a space to escape the indoors, e.g., enjoying the warmth of a fire pit? Maybe you would like to spend more time outdoors, but your space just isn’t drawing you. Whatever the case may be, these small outdoor living space ideas are sure to get you inspired and make a big impact on your home’s design!

The perfect outdoor space should stimulate each of your senses in some way: sound, sight, smell, taste, and touch. All of these elements work together to create a specific experience, and it should be a pleasant one. Here are some suggestions to consider:

Outdoor Living Space Ideas: Add Water Features

The gentle chime of trickling water is the perfect sound to promote peace and relaxation when you’re enjoying your outdoor space. There is an abundance of options to maintain a consistent theme across your space, including plain stone fountains. These outdoor water features are available in a variety of contemporary designs to add a “spa” factor. You could also opt for a shorter outdoor fountain on an outdoor table to complement the space’s existing design. Some fountains also feature ambient lighting, which is another essential sensory aspect that elevates outdoor spaces.

Lighting Options For Your Outdoor Living Space

The sun has to set at some point and when it does, you’ll appreciate the understated beauty of ambient lighting. These lights can come in the form of outdoor string lights around a porch ceiling, in-ground solar lights along pathways, or even a couple of aesthetic lanterns. You also want to make sure the light isn’t too harsh, so we recommend dimmer, warmer lighting for maximum comfort.

Potted Plants and Herbs

If you haven’t stopped and smelled the flowers lately, here’s your chance! Growing potted flowers and herbs not only make your space smell delightful, but it’s practical to grow them yourself. If you like to cook, you could save a considerable amount of money by growing your own herbs. The feeling of producing it yourself is so rewarding. We personally love the smell of fresh lavender and mint, and they make fragrant tea! If you don’t have a lot of space for potted plants, hanging pots is a great alternative. Just make sure you place them in a spot where they’ll get the amount of sunlight they need to grow!

The Key Of A Perfect Outdoor Living Space: Comfortable Seating

entrance of tiny home

We saved the best for last – outdoor seating. Having a comfortable lounging area outside your cottage home is essential for achieving a welcoming feeling. It doesn’t matter if every other aspect is perfect! If you don’t have a place you love to sit and enjoy the sounds of your water fountain or the smells of your herbs, you’re seriously missing out. The options for creative, comfortable outdoor seating solutions may overwhelm you at times. A rule of thumb is to choose seats that have removable cushions for easy cleaning. Hanging chairs and cocoon chairs are also excellent additions to consider getting.

No matter how big or small your outdoor space is, take advantage of it! These outdoor living space ideas on a budget are sure to get you on the right track. You can now create a perfectly customized outdoor space you’ll spend many hours enjoying.


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