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Decluttering Tips For Your Home By Simple Life

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Downsizing isn’t just a one-time deal; it’s a journey. It requires commitment, soul-searching, and maybe even some lifestyle tweaks. Taking the time to really think through every step of downsizing sets the stage for a successful and fulfilling outcome in the long haul. Clearing out your home frees up physical space but it might also spark a rethink on the role of all the stuff in your life. This reflection often leads folks to cozy homes with smaller footprints, nudging them to ponder on what truly counts and realize that more stuff isn’t the answer. Who here need some decluttering tips?

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. William Morris

If you’re feeling swamped by stuff and unsure where to start, remember that downsizing and decluttering, while important, can be tackled step by step. Since Simple Life is all about living large with less, we thought that providing some decluttering tips was right up our alley.  Here is a starting guide to saying goodbye to unnecessary items and keeping your space clutter-free. Let’s dive into some top decluttering tips!

Packing boxes to downsize.

Declutter Room by Room

When decluttering, it’s common to feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the tasks ahead. But here’s a tip: Begin with small spaces and gradually move from one room to another. Remember, some areas may need more time, and that’s perfectly okay. To kickstart your decluttering journey, why not tackle a single closet or cabinet first?

When navigating a space, unleash your inner organizer! Sorting items into piles might seem daunting, but worry not. Let’s create three piles: keep, donate, and trash. What goes in the keep pile? As Marie Kondo would put it: Items that spark joy or are essential to you.

Assessing the Worth of Objects during Home Decluttering

It’s totally normal for the value of things to shift with time. That painting tucked away in your closet might not stir the same emotions as when you first got it. Are those handbags gathering dust? Maybe they’re not your vibe anymore. And hey, if you’ve found a new passion and those oil paints are just sitting there, it might be time for a change. Assessing what really matters to you can guide you in deciding if it’s time to part ways. Ask yourself:

  • When was the last time I actually used this?
  • Does it serve a purpose or hold sentimental value?
  • How would my life be different without it? Would its absence even register?

Now that you are in the loop on what to hold onto, let’s dive into what could be awesome to pass along to someone else.

Organize Items for Sale or Donation

Some items you no longer find valuable might just be treasures for others. Whether it’s clothes, furniture, or knick-knacks in good condition – why toss them if they’re not broken? Donating to local consignment shops not only helps the environment but also supports your community. It’s a wonderful way to extend the life cycle of items and reduce waste. Additionally, by giving your pre-loved items a new home, you’re promoting sustainable practices and contributing to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Discover numerous organizations where you can donate these treasures! Here are five exciting examples:

  1. Goodwill Industries
  2. The Salvation Army
  3. Habitat for Humanity ReStore
  4. American Red Cross
  5. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

If you fancy selling, hop on over to Facebook Marketplace; it’s a user-friendly platform where you can easily list your unwanted items and potentially earn some extra cash while decluttering your space. It’s a win-win situation for both you and those who find joy in your previously cherished possessions.

Maximize Vertical Space for Storage

Once you’ve sorted through your belongings in the decluttering process, the next step is key: optimizing storage for what you’ve decided to keep. When it comes to storage solutions, think vertical! Embracing vertical storage means making the most of height, not just width. Stack items, utilize tall bookcases, wall shelves, and more to maximize space and keep your living area clutter-free. Elevate your organization game with this visually appealing and practical approach!

Congratulations on successfully decluttering your home – a major accomplishment! But now, the question arises: How can you maintain this clutter-free space?

Clean as You Go

The hard truth is, that you have to keep up with the mess. Don’t let those dishes pile up! Whether it’s a plate from your lunch sandwich or your morning coffee mug, staying on top of the mess is key. The bigger the mess, the more daunting the cleanup task, leading to extra stress and procrastination. Utilize your dishwasher throughout the day, empty the trash promptly, and return items to their proper places right after use. Stay ahead of clutter to avoid feeling overwhelmed!

  1. Struggling to put the cleaning plan into action? Here’s a smart move – craft a cleaning and decluttering schedule that fits your routine and preferences. Ready to dive in? Here are three ways to kickstart your schedule:
  2. 1. Room-a-Day Approach: Tackle one room daily to stay on top of things! Kitchen on Monday, Bathroom on Tuesday, Living Room on Wednesday, Bedroom on Thursday, and so on.
  3. 2. Task-a-Day Strategy: Prefer focusing on one task each day? Whether it’s dusting, cleaning floors, or organizing your closet, pick your daily mission.
  4. 3. Cleaning Session: Feel like going all out with a cleaning spree? Pump up the music, put your headphones on, and start decluttering away!

How can you prevent your home from overflowing with stuff?

Decluttering Tips - Clean as you go

Stay conscious of your spending habits!

Nowadays, products are super affordable and easy to get your hands on. It’s so tempting to grab something off the shelf, even if you don’t really need it. I’m not saying you should never treat yourself to something nice, but it’s smart to think about how useful and joyful that item will make your life before splurging on it.

This is it, give a try to our decluttering tips! We hope that this blog gave you a fresh perspective on the things you hold onto. Let this be your next leap towards a happier, cozier home with space freed from unnecessary clutter!


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