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Top 10 Inspiring Cottage Front Porch Decor Ideas

Outdoor patio with a wicker sofa, chairs, colorful pillows, and a small table with books and flowers, overlooking lush greenery.

There are few things better than starting the day sitting on your front porch, sipping a cup of coffee, watching the sun fill the sky with the promises of another day. Simple Life is often referred to as a “front porch community” by residents, since saying hello to neighbors outside as you walk by is how many of those living here come to know each other by name. Though, the idea of not having a large enough porch is sometimes a concern with smaller cottage homes. Luckily, we’ve learned some tips and tricks for creating a comfortable, quaint, relaxing outdoor area for these exact spaces. So, grab a sketch pad and pen and get inspired with the front porch decor ideas below!

Front Porch Decor Ideas - planters

#1: Front Door Planters

Something simple and beautiful you can start your front porch decor with is front door planters. Fill them with ferns for year-round greenery or plant a collection of annuals or seasonal blooms to give a pop of color. You can even use two identical flowerpots for a symmetrical look, placing one on each side of the door.

#2: Create an Archway

Another fantastic way to bring your porch to life is to build an archway where the stairs meet the porch. A colorful archway can serve as a grand entrance while also adding a degree of privacy to your space. Growing fragrant climbing plants like jasmine and honeysuckle around the archway also adds an element of natural beauty and mystique.

Tiny home front porch with wicker furniture.

#3: Add Comfortable Seating

There is something so inviting about wicker furniture included in a front porch decor. Besides just offering a place to sit, it adds a certain charm to your space. This is also essential not only for guests, but your wellbeing, too – having a comfortable outdoor area to lounge and enjoy the fresh air does wonders for reducing stress and boosting your mood.

#4: Going for a Log

Logs may not look quite right at a beach house or a city dwelling, but they do wonders for the shabby chic porch or country cottage. Consider using a small bundle of birch as decoration to exude coziness and rustic charm.

#5: The Classic Brick

If your porch leaves a lot to desire and you are thinking about a front porch facelift, consider using brick to build it. Brick is a stout material and gives your entry a regal appeal. Whether it be red brick or white, a brick porch can be both cozy and classy.

Brick is a stout material and gives your entry a regal appeal.

#6: Color Me Jealous

If you’re trying to make your porch appear more interesting, consider a statement color for your front doors. A new front door color has the potential to totally change the walk-up appeal of a home. If your community allows it, try painting your front doors a color that compliments your home and makes you smile.

#7: Add Chairs for Your Favorite Guests

If your porch has a small landing and you are unsure how to best use the space, add a couple of chairs that can be stored on the side and moved to the center. A moveable seating area can transform even the smallest porch into a space to entertain guests, meet your neighbors, or peruse your favorite magazine.

#8: Leave A Message

Although welcome mats seem generic, they still share an authentic sentiment with all who enter. That one word – welcome – can mean so much about your home and the memories you create there. Consider dressing up your porch with a mat that shares a message or a meaningful word, add a small garden flag at the base of your steps, or – if you feel so bold – use cut vinyl letters to add a welcoming word to your front door.

Consider dressing up your porch with a mat that shares a message or a meaningful word.

#9: Not So Secret Garden

What is more fun than a porch with fresh food of all sorts? Be it an herb box, a potted banana tree, or some grapevines on the archway, don’t be afraid to use your porch to pacify your green thumb!

#10: Roll Out the Red Carpet (or Rug)

A decorative rug can make your front porch really feel like an outdoor extension of your home. Depending on where you live, you may want to look for an indoor/outdoor rug that can withstand the elements, or opt for a more decorative rug that is easy to roll up and take indoors in the case of inclement weather.

There are so many ways to style your porch so you can socialize, entertain, and relax. Combine these tips or try some of your own to make this first-impression space a reflection of who you are and a true extension of your home.

There are so many ways to style your porch.

How do you use your own front porch? What inspired you to decorate it the way you did? What is one aspect of your porch you just couldn’t live without?

If you’re ready to explore charming cottage homes with lovely, spacious outdoor areas like porches and patios, browse our inventory of floorplans and quick move-in homes! Simple Life operates three communities: The Village and The Hamlet in Flat Rock, NC; Lakeshore in Oxford, FL.


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