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Small House Interior Design: 10 Hacks Worth Trying

Zion tiny home interior with warm yellow pine shiplap walls.

If you live in one of today’s tiny houses or small homes, you may find it challenging to deal with a more limited space, especially when you’re just starting out. With every challenge comes an opportunity to learn, so try to have fun with it! To make a tiny house “bigger”, methods can range from actual space-saving techniques to using light and color to create an illusion of a bigger appearance. The following small house interior design hacks can help make your small home feel bigger and better. 

Zion tiny home on 7 Stay Awhile lane.

First Small House Interior Design Tip: Reflections

You can achieve a maximizing effect in your space with reflective, high shine materials like glossy tiles, white lacquered walls, mirrors, etc. 

What About Pocket Doors?

You can create separation between rooms and still allow light to flow through with glass windowed pocket doors. Compared to swinging doors, they take up less space because, when not being used, they slide into the wall.

The Key To Small House Design: Be Resourceful

To save surface space, consider wall sconces instead of table lamps. As a side table, use a wood chair. Tiny rooms can achieve happy moods with cheerful colors like pale turquoise.

Vista cottage kitchen.

Practice Small House Interior Design Vertical Thinking

This comes from an established bathroom designer: Rather than hanging subway tiles in the traditional horizontal method, hang them vertically. The room will feel taller and more streamlined. Help the area feel less cluttered with a tight color palette of blush, white, and black.

Think Smaller: It’s a Small House!

Do you really need a dining room table and chairs for 10? In addition to breakfast nooks, today, you’ll find small round dining tables in houses with limited space. Some even have dropped sides that fold away when not in use.

Have You Heard of Day Beds?

You could literally double the size of a room by adding a day bed rather than a full-sized bed. In your living room or guest room, this could be the perfect space saver. For overnight guests, add a trundle bed under it.

Create Double Duty Rooms

A library corner can double as a dining room or an office. Some kitchens are large enough to include a small table and chairs, freeing up the actual dining room for use as an office, play area for small children, etc. Make the most of the walls in any room with floor to ceiling shelving/cabinets. A living room can also serve as a guest room if you include a daybed.

Laurel Oak tiny home living room.

In Small House Interior Design, We LOVE Wall-Mounted TVs

Rather than taking up valuable floor space, countertop space, or tabletop space, mount your TV on or in the wall. If you have separate speakers, consider the same for them.

You may also want to consider hiding a wall-mounted television behind a large painting or inside of a cabinet with closing/sliding doors.


Maximum functionality should be provided by all of the furnishings in your small home to save square footage. As an example, use a small side chair and desk at the end of your bed rather than an end bench. It can be useful when you’re getting ready to go out but serve as a work area as well.

Closet Conversions

A closet can double as not only a place to hang clothing but, with the right sized washer dryer stack set, a laundry room. What’s more, you’ll be able to hide those appliances away behind a closed closet door.

Now That You Know about Interior Design, It’s Time to Purchase Your Small House!

It’s possible to live large in one of today’s small homes. With communities in convenient locations, you’ll have access to everything you need – plus the beauty of not only the neighborhood in which it’s located, but the home itself. Don’t pass up the opportunity to live life to its fullest in today’s small home communities.

Grande tiny home exterior with screened-in front porch and side deck.

We currently have two communities available, each with beautiful small homes that will inspire and delight.

  • We have a beautiful community in Florida that offers a number of new homes, numerous amenities, and gorgeous weather nearly all year round.
  • Our North Carolina community features a selection of new homes, many desirable amenities, and is just minutes from the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Your friends at Simple Life are always happy to answer any questions you have about small home living and our communities.


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