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The Studio Shed by Simple Life

Small modern shed with a coral-colored door, flanked by two stone planters and a paver pathway, set against a garden backdrop.

From storage to home libraries and art studios, the Studio Shed is the backyard shed, re-imagined for Simple Life communities! Every Studio Shed is built in a facility so you never have to worry about weather issues during the build. The sheds are then transported to your homesite and finished on-site with the highest quality materials. At 10’ x 12’ the Studio Shed is more than just your traditional storage closet. Each one has high-end flooring, heating and AC, pleasant lighting, a minimum of 3 windows, and well-placed electrical outlets. The Shed is available to residents in all Simple Life communities. 

40 Drifting Brook Ln Shed

How else can this 120 sq. ft. space be used, though? Consider these 5 gems as inspiration for your detached room and get creative with your Studio Shed:

The Home Office

Experience the incredible advantages of having a dedicated home office steps away from the comfort of your back door. Gone are the days of makeshift workstations at dining tables or in the midst of living room chaos. With a separate office space, you gain a tranquil oasis free from distractions. This allows you to delve into your tasks with laser focus while enjoying the flexibility of remote work.

Picture this: your new “commute” (if you can even call it that!) consists of 20 steps. Gone are the 20-plus minutes of driving each morning. Say goodbye to rush hour stress.  Now, you discover a peaceful transition from home to work mode in just a few paces.

Whether you need a professional setting for client meetings, a quiet spot for seamless Zoom conferences, or simply a dedicated space to conquer your overflowing email inbox, your home office is the solution. Embrace the freedom to tailor your workspace to suit your needs, all within arm’s reach of the comforts of home.

The Book Nook

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of writing the great American novel, weaving intricate plots and complex characters that captivate readers. Alternatively, maybe you aspire to curate a collection of soulful poetry that speaks volumes with each line. Whichever creative endeavor calls to you, envision yourself immersed in a Studio Shed transformed into a serene literary haven. Picture this space – a quaint yet spacious retreat nestled in your yard, featuring a beautifully crafted desk that inspires your prose, a storage cabinet meticulously organized with all your research materials and a cozy Heywood Armchair where you can ponder your next masterpiece in comfort and style. This Studio Shed offers not just a physical space, but a sanctuary for your literary aspirations to flourish and come to life.

The Isolated Music Studio

Have you played the piano for years but just couldn’t figure out how to get your beloved Steinway into your tiny cottage house? The Studio Shed is a perfect music studio where notes are free to dance around you, and sunlight shines on you while you play Mozart’s Sonata No. 11 in A. Since you play an instrument and have a dedicated space, why not give lessons? The Shed is large enough to receive guests and can be a quiet retreat for making music.

Throwing Clay The Studio Way 

Consider the exciting possibility of indulging in the intricate art of crafting exquisite porcelain ceramics. What about right in the comfort of your own backyard? Envision the unparalleled satisfaction of witnessing your artistic vision and creativity come to life as you mold and shape each piece from a simple lump of clay into a true masterpiece. With the luxury of basking in abundant natural light, ample space to spread your creative wings, and the liberating freedom to unleash your imagination! The Studio Shed stands as the perfect sanctuary for you to establish and thrive in your very own captivating and inspiring pottery studio.

The Great Outdoors Indoors 

Do you savor the exhilarating rides winding through the picturesque Blue Ridge mountains on your Tri Glide Ultra, feeling the thrill as you navigate the twists and turns? Or do you relish weekends spent pedaling along the scenic A1A, soaking in the coastal views and the gentle ocean breeze? Perhaps the idea of embarking on a swift tubing adventure down a rushing mountain river entices you, or the anticipation of reeling in “the big one” while out on your fishing-outfitted kayak excites you.

However, the question remains – where can you safely stow away your helmet, paddle, or fishing net when not in use? Where do you store your beloved outdoor toys, ensuring they’re ready for the next adventure? Imagine transforming your Studio Shed into a personalized sanctuary dedicated to celebrating your favorite outdoor pursuits. It becomes the ideal space to safeguard your gear, your prized ride, and even houses a convenient mini-fridge to keep your go-to post-activity beverage chilled to perfection.

Whatever you may choose to do in your space, a Shed at Simple Life is the perfect addition to your cottage home.


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