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Spring Cleaning Checklist – What To Include

It’s that time of year where the weather warms up, the plants are in bloom, and something refreshing is in the air- it’s Spring! With that comes the much needed time for purging, organizing and deep cleaning our spaces, otherwise known as Spring Cleaning. Here are some ideas to add to your checklist as you embark on your deep clean!

There are obvious things we do every week or even every day to keep our space sanitary. But this is the time to get down to the cracks and crevices and take care of business. Many things in our homes go unnoticed, and the term “spring cleaning” was coined to be a time where we go deep. There is something about a truly clean home that leads to a clear mind. And there is nothing better than sitting down at the end of the day in your pristine space, lighting a candle and letting some fresh air in.

Spring Cleaning Checklist #1: Fridge

The refrigerator can become a holding space for old, expired food if we are not careful. Take the time to remove everything from your fridge- from produce and leftovers to sauces and condiments. Check the dates on everything, and get rid of the items that are expired. Once the fridge is empty, grab some disinfectant and a towel and wipe the whole thing down. Think about it, this is where you keep your food, it needs to be a clean space. Don’t forget about the freezer either.

Keeping your fridge organized helps you keep track of everything you have in there. This means less old expired food, less money spent on things you didn’t realize you already have, and less clutter. The best way to keep your fridge organized is to invest in some tools. When you go to the store, wash all your produce when you get home and put it all in bins. If you keep cans in your fridge, they have special storage for that. Have a system that works for you, and it will make your life much more efficient.

Item #2: Sink and Disposal

Your garbage disposal is probably often a cause of a bad smell in your kitchen. So, as you are cleaning your sink and scrubbing away all of the impurities, let your disposal soak. Pro tip: drop a couple of lemon rinds into the disposal and let it run and grind them up. This is a great way to cleanse the drain and leave a clean smell behind.

Spring Cleaning Checklist #3: Curtain Liner

Do any of your bathrooms use shower curtains? Now is probably a good time to replace the liner and clean the curtain. Toss your shower curtain in the laundry to freshen it up. When you are out to purchase cleaning supplies, add a new liner to your cart and replace the old one. These liners gather all kinds of bacteria, and often start to grow mold. You don’t want to breathe that in!

Here is #4: Closet

Are you someone who has a hard time getting rid of things? It is far too easy to hold onto clothes that you probably haven’t worn in years. Spend an afternoon going through everything- clothes, shoes, bags. Throw the ratty stuff away, and donate or sell the rest. Be honest with yourself, when is the last time you wore that shirt? Does it have any sentimental value? Look at the bright side: the more you get rid of, the more space you have for new things!

Spring Cleaning Checklist #5: Dusting

Think about the places dust might collect that you don’t realize. One big one: ceiling fans. Dust sits on top of fans, and then we turn them on. You can infer the rest. The same applies to chandeliers and other fixtures, it will collect and you don’t want that falling down on your dining table or kitchen!

Spring Cleaning Checklist #6: Outdoor Furniture

Chairs, dining tables, outdoor bars, rugs, hammocks. All of these items could use a good cleaning. Wipe down the grime on your surfaces, toss your pillows and cushions in the wash. A good idea might be to invest in a leaf blower, to keep your outdoor living spaces clear of leaves, pollen, etc. You will enjoy your space a whole lot more once it is cleaned!

Hopefully these spring cleaning tips were helpful!


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