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Lakeshore Community: A Blissful Testimonial and Homes for Sale by Simple Life

Aerial view of a community swimming pool surrounded by a fence, with a clubhouse and sunshades, nestled in a green landscape.

When it comes to Simple Life’s communities, we are only as successful as our residents make us. Our residents are the ones breathing life into our communities with their personality, creativity, and compassion. Because of this, we aim to ensure that our residents are always satisfied with their life within our communities. To help us better understand the living experience in our central Florida community, Lakeshore resident Cindy Goodrich volunteered to open up to us in an interview.

Originally from Naples, Florida, Cindy made the decision to downsize several years ago in favor of a simpler, quieter life. “I was actually looking for a home community like this,” she explained, reflecting on her first discovery of Lakeshore. Cindy explained that she found the Lakeshore community online. ”I kind of researched it and watched it grow for several years.”

Small cottage home in Simple Life's Lakeshore community.

Lakeshore Community’s Growth

And grown it has! Mrs. Goodrich reached out to us for the first time in 2021. By the time she purchased her home in October 2022, there had been many developments. In that time, Lakeshore significantly expanded! The Courtyard home concept was introduced and additional amenities such as the pickleball courts were added. Now, construction had transitioned from its beginning stages to the next phase.

As someone who loves spending time outdoors, Cindy was thrilled with the amenities Lakeshore offers. She is a nature lover at heart, adoring her close proximity to the water. Boating, biking, and horseback riding are just a handful of activities she enjoys! We can also add the more creative activities of photography and crafting. She always has a good time playing pickleball and participating in community activities and events. Now, her neighbors are also friends.

Residents enjoy two pickleball courts at Lakeshore.

In The Lakeshore Community, Everyone Loves Pets!

“Everyone has dogs, so everyone socializes,” Cindy pointed out. “I take the dog out for a walk every morning and stop for about an hour to chat [with neighbors]. The dogs all love each other! They recognize each other from down the street and start getting excited, like, ‘hey, that’s my friend!'”

Lakeshore continued developing as months ticked by. From the time Mrs. Goodrich first moved in, many additions have been made: the garden envoys built and nurture a thriving vegetable and herb garden, a lovely butterfly garden and reflection garden were added, the dog park opened, and the activity calendar was filling up with more and more fun community activities each month.

Lakeshore Community: View on the Lake

Lakeshore’s Water Front Cottages

Most notably for Cindy, however, were new cottages being built. After living for some time in her first Lakeshore home, Cindy took the leap to have a custom waterfront cottage built within the community. Now, you can find her beautiful first home for sale at Lakeshore on 12063 Lakeshore Way. Although Cindy is excited for her new home, she explained that she would miss several things about her first Lakeshore home: the amount of storage it has, the extra lighting, and the accent shiplap walls, to name a few.

Small cottage home interior with natural wood walls.

Although Cindy’s time in her first home has come to a close, this well-loved cottage is now available! If you’re considering moving to Lakeshore, here is what Cindy has to say:

“You get the best value for your money because of everything that they offer. Every day gets better and better here because of the growth.”


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