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8 Tiny Home Upgrades

Choosing to live in a smaller home has an abundance of personal and practical benefits – but it comes with challenges, too. As you adjust to your new lifestyle, you may feel that no matter how organized you try to be, arranging your belongings with little space in which to do it can be difficult. You may find yourself living a somewhat minimalist lifestyle, giving up conveniences along the way (like appliances: coffee machine, dishwasher, etc.). Here, however, we are going to feature a number of tiny home upgrades that can make life in a small house feel bigger and better.

For starters, some appliances do more today but take up less space. With tiny houses becoming more and more popular, this type of technology was inevitable. But that’s just the beginning. In your humble little abode, some of today’s most amazing “gadgets” can help make your space more functional.

Upgrade Your TV With A Portable Projector

If you don’t have room in a tiny house for a big screen TV but still want to watch your favorite movies and shows, a portable projector is just what you need. Some even come with headphone jacks and surround sound speakers for an enhanced experience.

Do You Have A Portable Blender?

Blenders serve an important role in many of today’s kitchens, but they can be cumbersome. Unless, of course, you go with a portable blender. In addition to being a space saver, they’re great for grab-and-go recipes. Upgrade your tiny home kitchen by investing into a portable blender.

Compact appliances are great for upgrading your tiny home.

Update Your Tiny Home With Smart Display

Hands-free, you can walk through all of your recipes without numerous cookbooks taking up valuable counter space. Whatever dish you’re trying to prepare, this device can tell you what you need as you direct it with simple voice commands.

Condensate Your Library With E-Readers

Few things beat the feel of an actual book in your hands. But when you need to save space, skip the bookshelves! Upgrade your tiny home library and condensate all your reading materials into a portable e-reader. These devices are easy to set up, convenient, and most importantly, space efficient. You’ll have access to millions of books right at your fingertips without sacrificing valuable square footage.

Save space in a tiny home by switching to an e-reader over physical books.

Discover The Magic Of A Handheld Steamer

Even without a full-sized ironing station, you can still make sure your clothes are ready for wear with a handheld steamer. Keep your clothes wrinkle-free and fresh whenever you need them. This is also a perk for outfits made from more delicate fabrics. Every tiny homeowner should have one in their laundry supplies.

Upgrade Your Tiny Home With A Portable Coffee Maker

You need your caffeine, but you don’t want to take up valuable counter space with a big coffee maker – no problem! With the touch of a button, your cup of Joe can be ready with one of these ingenious products. When you’re done with it, just place it conveniently in a drawer.


To save counter space in your tiny kitchen, the fewer appliances the better. Think about updating your tiny home kitchen with a multi-cooker. You will benefit greatly from a multi-cooker. With it, all within the same device, you can boil, pressure cook, roast, and simmer. There are even models available that offer yogurt-making and air frying.

Upgrade your tiny home kitchen with a convenient multi cooker.

Handheld Cordless Vacuum

The area that needs to be cleaned is smaller with a tiny house, so your cleaning equipment needs to be adapted. This will help save space. You may still want a relatively normal sized vacuum stashed somewhere for big cleaning jobs, but you can’t beat a handheld cordless vacuum for quick spot-cleaning. 

Ready To Explore Tiny Home Living?

If “tiny home” living sounds like something you might be interested in, we’d like to answer any questions you may have about the experience. We are Simple Life, and we’d like to introduce you to small home living.


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