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Live a Simple Life: 7 Tips to Be More Present

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In today’s world, it can be challenging to be present. Most of us are always thinking several steps ahead, constantly moving, thinking, doing. And while the hustle is a part of life, and a means to success, it is also important to take the time to stop and take some time for real mental clarity. Our name is, “Simple Life,” because we wanted to provide a lifestyle for people who are ready to slow down and achieve a truly simpler way of living. So what really is a Simple Life? What can we do on a daily or weekly basis to gain that mental clarity, to be more present? Below are several tips to live a Simple Life.

Get Comfortable With Alone Time

Introverts, ambiverts, even extraverts need alone time- we just don’t often realize it. No matter how much you thrive in social situations, it is therapeutic to take the time to be with just yourself. It is important to be comfortable on your own, whether that means spending the afternoon home alone, watching a good movie or cooking a nice meal, or running all of your errands and grabbing lunch by yourself. When we spend time alone, we are able to get to know ourselves more, and nurture the most important relationship in our lives.

Say No

When you are more intentional about how you spend your time, you might find that your quality of life goes up. There are only so many days in the week, and saying yes to everything can become quite exhausting. Ever say yes to something solely because you knew it would please someone else? We have all been there- and sometimes it is important to set boundaries, and know what is best for you in that moment. It is okay to say no to people from time to time!



Have a Routine

Creating a set routine is one of the best ways to simplify your life, and this can encompass a lot of things. One of the best routines to set in place is your sleep schedule. Waking up at the same time each day, and having a “lights out” time can drastically benefit your sleep patterns. You can also prioritize important moments in your day in your routine, like your morning coffee. Once you wake up, have your set 15 minutes of coffee time on your porch, over a good book or listening to a podcast.

Having a plan in place for your day before it begins will inevitably reduce your stress, and prevent you from getting overwhelmed by life’s never-ending to-do list. So write everything down the night before, make your plan and leave it all on paper, making the following day simpler before it even starts.

Downsize and Declutter

If you think about all the thing you have and all the space you have, do you really need it all? Having a cluttered space is no way to ensure a clear mind. So take the time to evaluate your belongings, what value they bring you, and whether or not you really need all the things. You might then find that less space would be more conducive to your simple life.

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Get Outside Every Day

This one might not be doable every single day of your life, as things happen and as we all know, weather happens. But there are real benefits to breathing in fresh air and feeling the sun on your skin each day. In our communities, we designed many different outdoor amenities for our residents to choose from, making it easy and exciting to get outside each day. Even something as easy as a daily walk can have extreme health benefits, both mental and physical.

Weekly Self-Care Day

Taking the time to care for yourself is crucial to simplifying your life. Ensuring your mental health is in check will significantly improve the other six days of the week! Take a day to rest, watch your favorite movie, start a new book or give a friend a call. Whatever is going to make you feel happy, relaxed and a little bit lighter, do it! You can’t forget to take the time to rest your body and your mind.

Reset Day

Second to your self-care day, having a reset day is huge for simplifying your life. This is when you get things done to set yourself up for a successful week. Get your laundry done, clean your house, grocery shop and light a candle at the end of the day and enjoy your space.

A pro tip for reset day, start meal prepping! You will save time and money when you plan your meals ahead of time, and have it ready to go for meal time as you enter into your week. Especially those of us who work long days, its nice to have dinner ready to go when you get home.

These are some of the practices you can implement in your life to start simplifying. When you quiet the noise around you and take the time to do things that will benefit your mind, body and soul, life becomes better. So make today the day you start your Simple Life.


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