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Benefits of Living in an All-Ages (Not 55+) Community

Living among adults over the age of 55, or with neighbors of all-ages is a matter of personal preference, however, at Simple Life we encourage everyone to embrace a low-maintenance, easier lifestyle without restriction. Plus, we believe there’s something enlivening about the diversity and energy of neighbors of all ages. That’s why we offer our appealing cottage homes and best-in-class amenities to anyone wanting a new kind of living choice. Currently we have residents from their late 20s to their early 80s! 

We are pleased to report that Simple Life homeowners seem to share our sentiment. Our residents continually site the benefits of living in an all-ages community. Fresh conversations, ideas, and motivations flow. Residents are often inspired to try new activities or foods and explore new events and entertainment. They mention how enjoyable it is to walk the community and see the diversity of front porch living setups and backyard sanctuaries.

In addition to the simple notion that living around younger and older adults can provide an energizing environment, there are other perks to living in an all-ages community. If you are trying to decide between a 55+ community or an all-ages community, look below for some inspiration.


At Simple Life, although we are all ages, we don’t attract many families with young children. Families with kids are welcome, but the square footage of our homes combined with no outdoor community play spaces means families with kids don’t often choose to live with us. That doesn’t mean that kiddos don’t love to visit though! In our all-ages communities, kids are welcome and encouraged to visit anytime. Our residents often describe the pure joy that kids express when they see the inside of a cottage home. If the home has a loft, it’s an added bonus and good for hours of fun. Kids are also welcomed to swim in the pool with supervision (if it’s not lap swim hours,) fish in the ponds, play with pups in the dog park, and explore the many green spaces, trees, and nature sanctuaries where hundreds of birds and other animals abound. Visiting Simple Life communities can make for a pretty exciting day!

Often, age-restricted or 55+ only communities welcome visiting children but have rules in place to determine when, and for how long they can stay. Sometimes there are restrictions on what activities kids can participate in and which parts of the community they can enjoy. This can be stressful for a homeowner who enjoys having kids or grandkids visit. 

It’s comforting for Simple Life residents to know that friends and family of all ages are welcome to visit anytime and join in whatever activities delight for the day. All 3 of our communities – The Village, The Hamlet, and Lakeshore – are open to guests of any age.


Simple Life believes the best life is lived among the company and friendship of others. We create communities with indoor and outdoor gathering spaces that encourage people to connect and share life beyond the walls of their own home. Our community design promotes an environment where neighbors watch out for neighbors. In a diverse community that includes residents of all ages, we’ve seen an incredible amount of help and support flow from one homeowner to another.

Neighbors help neighbors with technology set up and use, (especially during the recent Covid 19 vaccination rush when the best way to register for a vaccine was online.) Neighbors teach others about cooking, handy work, and pet behavior. Residents step in to assist with recovery from a medical procedure by taking care of pets and bringing by meals. Neighbors create art for one another, and they help plan and execute landscaping projects for those with a not-so-green thumb. This past winter younger neighbors shoveled walkways, while many older residents were making hot chocolate and supplying hand warmers to the shovel team.

Neighborly camaraderie is a lovely thing to witness and seems to only grow stronger within a diverse, all-ages community.


In many 55+ only communities, landscaping choices (at least for the front yard) are dictated by an HOA and kept to a strict code. Typically, this is so community management can guarantee that each home’s landscaping will look similar and will be kept up to a certain standard.

In all-ages communities it’s much more likely that residents will have the freedom to pursue their own choices for landscaping and outdoor upgrades. At Simple Life, we encourage residents to maintain their own homesites and we love to see thriving gardens, ornamented lawns, and inviting outdoor dining set ups. (We do require any proposed homesite improvements or alterations to be submitted to our Architectural Review Board in writing.) Whether you want a yoga sanctuary on your screened-in porch, or a pergola adorned with multiple pots and plants, Simple Life allows your personal expression to reach beyond your home to your outdoor space.

We invite you to visit us to experience an active lifestyle without age restrictions at Simple Life in either North Carolina or Florida. Our cottage communities allow you endless possibilities for an enriching life and a low-maintenance, easy lifestyle with active amenities for both older and younger adults.

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