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Aging in Place in a Tiny House

When you move into a Simple Life community you are immediately met by welcoming neighbors that are outdoor-oriented, health-conscious, and vibrant. At The Village at Flat Rock, NC amenities such as pickleball, an in-ground swimming pool, bocce ball, a yoga studio, a walking trail, and more, are specifically designed to keep residents moving. But even the healthiest and most energetic of us all may slow down one day and it’s not too early to start creating and maintaining a tiny house that will allow you to thrive with less mobility. In fact, according to AARP, “87% of adults age 65+ want to stay in their current home and community as they age. Among people, age 50 to 64, 71% of people want to age in place.” But how?

Rightsizing into a comfortable park model or tiny house is, in itself, a great first step. Without stairs to climb and extra space to maintain, home maintenance will be cut considerably. There are also specific customizations that can be made to a tiny home to allow for safe, efficient, and comfortable living for years to come. Consider the following:

Tread Carefully. One of the first challenges of aging can be pain or instability when using stairs. Replacing your front steps with an attractive ADA ramp will allow you to ascend and descend with relative ease. Of course, hand-railings on either side will assist with stability. If you are planning to move to The Village at Flat Rock, NC our property management team will work with you to design and build an ADA ramp for your tiny home that accommodates your current needs as well as your future concerns. Like so many cottage communities, we want our neighbors to feel comfortable and safe in their own tiny home for the foreseeable future.

Step Through Not Up. Having an entry door frame that is flush with the entry floor will protect against trips and spills. In addition, door latches or handles, as opposed to knobs, can be easier on the fingers. Latches and handles allow the open/close, lock/unlock functions to be performed with the whole hand rather than relying on stiffening fingers. WebMD suggests replacing door and faucet knobs with levers, so you don’t have to grip and twist. Latches also add a fancy touch to any doorway!

I’ve Seen The Light! When living in a place like the mountains of western North Carolina or the coast of Florida, natural sunlight is a wonderful benefit. But as the sun moves so do shadows and areas of shade in your home. Brightening up these spots can sometimes be a challenge but consider the following fixes:

Try renovating with a skylight or solar tube. These custom overhead additions can let in natural sunlight during the day and allow great views of the starry night sky without letting in unwanted heat. 

Another option is to outfit your home with task lighting or area lights. A number of kitchens can be tastefully illuminated with under-counter LEDs while typically dark walkways and closets can benefit from motion-detecting lights. 

Take Your Place at The Throne. Toilet talk is usually reserved for less polite company but when it comes to aging in place, your tiny house toilet is worth discussing! Replace your toilet seat with a taller one or simply add a handrail next to your current toilet. 

Stuck in Place. Modern cottages and tiny homes typically feature laminate flooring, vinyl plank flooring, or linoleum so many owners prefer to add warmth and color with a rug. However, rugs can create ground-level obstacles that make navigating through your home more difficult. If you want to use a rug in your tiny house, be sure to secure it with rubber backing or rug gripper tape so it can’t bend up and possibly trip you. 

There are a number of ways to prepare for the years to come and rightsizing into a comfortable park model or tiny house is a great first step! Make the move to a simple life now at The Village at Flat Rock, NC and follow our tips to begin preparing for a future of happiness and health!

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