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A Floridian’s Twist on Thanksgiving Dinner

We all know and love the classic Thanksgiving spread: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, casseroles, green beans, pumpkin pie… you know the rest. You can’t go wrong with any of it. But it’s always fun to experiment with new flavors and different recipes. Whether you’re a native Floridian or new to the sunshine state, you and your guests will love these authentic flavors added to your Holiday feast.

Spiced Rum

Of course, we must start off with a cocktail, and this one is ideal for entertaining because it’s easy to make a lot of! Yes, you can easily go and buy spiced rum at your liquor store, but I promise it won’t compare to the one you make at home. Here is what you’ll need:


Vanilla Bean

Orange Peal

Cinnamon Stick

Allspice Berries


Black Peppercorns

Ground Nutmeg

Fresh Ginger


Citrus and Herb Turkey

A simple twist on the classic centerpiece for every Thanksgiving dinner- the turkey. Adding the flavor and aroma from the orange and lemon along with some of my favorite spices, thyme and sage, will make for a delectable entrée for all. This list of ingredients is a bit longer, so grab your pen and paper, you won’t regret it!






Yellow Onion




Olive Oil

Chicken Stock




Avocado Mango Salad

Bring a little bit of summer to your table with this avocado mango salad. There’s something about Florida cuisine that brings a level of freshness, and this salad is no exception. It’s a quick and easy combination of vegetables and spices that the whole family will love. Here is what you’ll need:



Red Onion


Lemon Juice




Cranberry Lime Pie

You didn’t think I would forget about dessert, did you? This delicacy combines the classic tropical flavor from limes with a Thanksgiving staple, cranberries! What you’ll pull out of the oven will truly be a work of art, so it can double as a centerpiece for your big dinner too, ready to be cut into as soon as your guests have finished feasting! Here’s what you’ll need:

Gingersnap Cookies


Unsalted Butter

Light Brown Sugar


Granulated Sugar


Lemon Zest

Lime Zest

Lime Juice


Whipped Cream

These are just a few ideas to change up your Thanksgiving dinner with some flavors you might not have thought about bringing to the table. There are tons of ways to add a little bit of the tropics to your meal, in fact, I have gathered a bunch for you over on our Pinterest. So head to the Florida Thanksgiving Pinterest Board and get your grocery list ready! As always, don’t forget to like us on Facebook  and follow us on Instagram.