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5 Ways To Live Simpler Right Away

What makes a simple life?

At Simple Life small cottage home communities in Oxford, Florida, and Flat Rock, North Carolina, neighbors own more than a home. They own a lifestyle; a simplified lifestyle. A lifestyle that allows you to live large but carry less. A lifestyle that’s intentional in that it allows you to do the things you want to do. It is easily navigated. Major home decisions are few and far between, and the day-to-day decisions are usually stress-free. The simple life is uncluttered. It doesn’t allow material objects to weigh you down. Whether you are connecting at the pool, clubhouse, or a community event, staying healthy at the fitness center or making new four-legged friends at the dog park, the following list of 5 ways to live simpler right away will allow you to embrace a new year at one of our communities.

Do More Things You Enjoy

Life’s too short to do things you don’t enjoy. Truthfully, there are only a few things needed for survival: sustenance, shelter, and sleep. Do what you need to do to meet those few requirements and then make plans to enjoy the rest of your time. Simple Life cottage home communities offer close proximity to all scales of dining, from fast food to elegant. We excel in helping you find shelter! In fact, The Village at Flat Rock has several 1 or 2-bedroom, turn-key, quick move-in cottages available now! For less than $120,000 the 399 sq.ft. (plus another 160 sq.ft. in the loft) Willow (1 bed/1 bath) home offers a chef’s u-shaped kitchen, a spacious 6’ x 20’ covered porch, a loft for either storage or guest sleeping, and a homesite near the Reflection Garden within a few steps of the Dog Park and Paw Pavilion! So have a look at your calendar. For each scheduled event ask yourself, “Do I really need to do this? Is this something I enjoy doing?” If yes, then do it. If not, don’t do it. But one thing is for sure. To start living a simpler life today schedule an appointment to come see a Simple Life community today!

Seek Quality Over Quantity

More friends, more family, and more stuff don’t automatically make you happy. Many of us try to resolve our hearts by adding people and things. At the end of the day though we are often left unfulfilled. We should be seeking quality and not quantity. Simple Life provides intimate communities. Both our Florida nor our North Carolina locations are cultural hubs for active people who want to invest in like-minded neighbors, spend more time cultivating hobbies and passions, and surrounding themselves with positive opportunities.

Lakeshore in Oxford, Florida – the newest Simple Life cottage home community – offers a 3,500 square foot amenity center. The mixed-use community space is perfect for large gatherings, along with private nooks for more focused tasks or intimate conversation. Residents can socialize at the indoor-outdoor bar or gather in the gaming room to play or watch TV together. There is also an open-air porch with retractable screens to enjoy the gorgeous view of the lake. In addition, there is a 1,448 square foot Fitness Center that includes an aerobics and yoga studio with daily classes as well as a weight and cardio room. A covered pavilion overlooks the 30’ by 70’ walk-in pool with an adjacent sun lover’s deck.

Cut Your Expenses

Every penny counts and no financial advisor would tell you to add expenses! Fortunately, Simple Life cottage homes are typically $80 – $100K less expensive than other brand-new homes with high end exteriors and luxury finishes near our locations. Especially homes with exclusive access to newly built amenities like a pool, clubhouse, and fitness center.

Simple Life offers a Lifestyle Value Fee that encompasses everything from amenities to utilities to high-speed Internet for just one monthly amount. After all, you have better things to do than balance utility, internet, taxes, and trash bills. We cover it all in your one monthly Lifestyle Fee. When fees increase, they are very modest, and you know well in advance. No surprises.

Learn to Linger

Life is simpler when you slow down and create space to breathe. How often do we allow ourselves to do so? Not enough. Instead, we hurry through our days, moving quickly from one activity to the next. That isn’t what life is about at Simple Life though. Take for instance the Sebring 2 home at Lakeshore in Oxford, Florida. A beautiful 552 square foot, 1 bed/1 bath home, Sebring 2 features a generous 10’ x 30’ covered entertaining porch that opens to a private side yard. With an area like that, you can linger from that first cup of coffee in the morning clear into that last glass of wine in the evening. During the day you can tend to your small flower garden, read a new book in your hammock, or invite a friend over for a hand of Canasta. The only greater character flaw than being “lazy” is not being quite lazy enough.

Create A Meal Plan

This tip may not sound as fun or as recreational as the others, but it is an incredible way to live a simpler life right now. Creating a meal plan can help you make more nutritionally sound decisions that will increase your health and save you money. It can also allow you to get creative in the kitchen and spend more time eating something you think you’ll truly enjoy rather than something just to fill the hunger void in your stomach. It certainly does help when you have a beautiful and high-functioning kitchen like that in the Sanibel available in Lakeshore at the Simple Life community in Oxford, Florida. At 938 square feet, this 2 bed/2 bath home has an open kitchen layout with full-size, high-end appliances, as well as plenty of space to move around in and even a 4-person high top table for having a few hors d’oeuvres or a glass of wine while dinner is being prepared.

Our fast-paced world is changing daily and there is nothing we can do to stop it. What we can do is slow down the speed though. We can trim the fat and live a simpler life so that our time is spent doing what matters most to us. And that can be done at one of Simple Life’s cottage home communities. Purchase a 1- or 2-bedroom small cottage home and customize it for how you live. Isn’t it time you enjoyed life?

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