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5 Tiny House New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

Turning a tiny house into a happy home is the key to a happy life and making new year’s resolutions that will improve your tiny house lifestyle in 2020 is a great way to set yourself up for success. Read on for Simple Life’s tips on some small changes that can have a huge impact on your tiny house lifestyle in 2020. Happy New Year from Simple Life!


Isn’t it amazing how moving even one chair around or adding a throw rug can change the entire feel of your home? Try moving your bed to a new wall or repositioning your beloved family photos. Remember, change is good, and nothing is permanent. If you don’t like a new look, switch it back. But give something new a try and freshen up your home. 


No house is without an unfinished project. Whether it is a printed picture still waiting for a frame or a set of chairs ready to reupholster but that you have yet to choose a fabric for, we are all guilty of project denial. Whatever your personal project is – big or small – use 2020 to finish it up. 


If just the sound of deep clean is intimidating, you’re not alone. But all houses need to be taken care of and sometimes a wet jet won’t cut it. Bust out the mop, the duster, the Windex, and even the Scrubbin’ Bubbles. It’s time to really give your home a good scrub. Wash the floors, clean the windows (inside and out), and tidy those [toilet] bowls. Move the furniture around to sweep out the dust bunnies that have taken up residence. Start the year off spic and span! You may even want to consider having a professional do the job so you can be assured of starting off the year with a sparkle. 


Just because a food item is labeled non-perishable doesn’t mean it will last forever. Use the start of 2020 to sort through the fridge and pantry. Throw away that half-empty jar of salsa. Get rid of the open sleeve of Saltines that has been in the pantry since last chili season. Once cleaned out, scrub the fridge, carefully removing the shelves and drawers to get a little deeper. Wipe out the pantry as well to remove any crumb residue. 2020 is a great time to get rid of expired food and make room for healthy food choices in your limited space.


As always, less is more! It may sometimes seem like more is better but when it comes to your home, having a lot of stuff can make a tiny house seem crowded or even junky! This January, go through your closets and wardrobe. Discard items that don’t fit, are ripped, stained, or that you simply don’t wear. Once you have completed that you can move on to bookcases and shelves in February and follow through with medicine cabinets and makeup areas in March. 

Living in a happy, organized, clean home will make you feel better every time you prop your feet up at night! Try a few of these tiny house resolutions for 2020 to get started. We invite you to start the new year off with a visit to The Village at Flat Rock, NC. Explore Hendersonville, North Carolina and the benefits of living large while carrying less in one of our beautiful tiny homes.

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